Best Alternatives for ExpressVPN

While I personally wouldn’t think about replacing ExpressVPN, there are times when you need a VPN just as good but at a lower price. So the question that stands is: Are there any free ExpressVPN replacements that are safe and reliable to use? When it comes to the best VPN service providers, ExpressVPN wins hands down, but some alternatives can measure up.

If you are looking for premium or free ExpressVPN replacements for your PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku, FireStick, PS4, or Xbox One, you should read the following article.

Best ExpressVPN Alternatives

Best ExpressVPN Alternatives

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About ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has proven that it is deserving of its place in the market among all the other competitive VPN service providers. It’s hard to deny that fact when the company offers unbeatable performances and industry-leading security standards. Rest assured, with a service provider like ExpressVPN, your privacy is maintained as no logs of your online traffic or activities are stored.

Streaming with ExpressVPN makes TV watching worthwhile. Not only does it reliably unblock all kinds of big-time services like Netflix, Hulu, Sky Go, HBO GO, BBC iPlayer, TenPlay, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video, but also provides you with a fast and stutter-free streaming experience. What could be better than browsing the web anonymously? Honestly nothing.

ExpressVPN basically provides you the opportunity to go undercover online, in a way, neither an ISP or a third party can track what you are you doing. It achieves so by hiding your current IP address so that your real identity remains unknown. Should you face any difficulty, 15 seconds is just about the time you wait before the friendly 24/7 customer support replies. ExpressVPN might not be the cheapest, but surely after you give it a try, you’ll realize that it’s worth every penny. This ExpressVPN review will help you understand all that you need to know about the provider.

Why Look for ExpressVPN Alternatives?

Although it’s hard to understand why would anyone pass out on ExpressVPN, some still scout around for a substitute. You would think that a 30-day refund policy and a compatible user-friendly application would hit a home run with clients, but apparently, you can’t please everyone.

Maybe ExpressVPN is not what they’re looking for, or maybe it’s out of their budget. There are numerous reasons why internet users seek ExpressVPN substitute, some of which are:

  • Expensive pricing: With excellent service comes a cost, and for many people out there, 12.9$ a month is not a sweet deal. Come to think of it, and to consider everything we’ve mentioned about ExpressVPN so far; it’s reasonably priced. But eventually, it’s to each’s own.
  • Simultaneous connections: A family of five members would appreciate connecting their VPN to all of their devices separately at the same time. ExpressVPN limits you to five simultaneous connections, while other service providers like BulletVPN allow up to a total of 6 devices.
  • Geo-restricted websites: ExpressVPN is capable of unblocking all major streaming services; however, cases of failed attempts might occur from time to time. Your favorite TV channel wasn’t unblocked by ExpressVPN, which made it a good reason for users to ditch the service provider and look for its replacement. ExpressVPN users aren’t the only ones, as clients of other VPN service providers may face the same problem. Well, when they’re paying a high price, they expect no mistakes and free-error experiences with ExpressVPN.
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Free ExpressVPN Alternatives

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s good. That’s a common misconception among many. You’d be unknowingly risking your personal and financial data on a free VPN service, one that you thought possessed the same qualities as the priced VPNs. The bottom line is even if it’s free, it’s not worth it, and we have many reasons that back up my claim. Let’s first take a look at some of the free VPNs that are deemed unsafe for usage. After that, I’ll delve further into the reasons why I don’t recommend. Hola, Hotspot Shield, TigerVPN, and Spotflux should be avoided at all costs.

Why Are Free VPNs Unsafe?

There’s no shortage of reasons as to why you should avoid using free VPN service providers unless there’s absolutely no other alternative.

  • The majority of free VPNs operate at slow speeds.
  • Many users sign up for free service, which causes the overload in servers.
  • Free VPNs might profit from selling your bandwidth and data to third party advertisers.
  • There are no encryptions involved, which means your identity is exposed online.
  • Free VPNs log your online activities and know what you are doing online.
  • These companies forward links to websites that could be malicious without your consent.
  • There might be hidden malware that can cause serious damage to your personal information and device.

Do you need more reasons? From slow browsing speeds to limited bandwidth, and targeted advertising, free VPN providers, are nothing but a pain in the neck. You’re better off just paying for a service provider. And on that note, let me list some of the best ExpressVPN alternatives.

Best ExpressVPN Alternatives

1. BulletVPN

So they allow up to 6 simultaneous connections– no different than ExpressVPN in that area- but they do offer a free Smart DNS service with their package. That’s got to count for something, right? If billed monthly, BulletVPN kicks in at 10.98$, which does make a difference. BulletVPN’s user-friendly and compatible apps help subscribers navigate the app easily. The company’s robust encryption protocols can unblock geo-restricted material regardless of your geo-location.

Also, BulletVPN is by far, the best unblocked we ever tested. It was able to unblock the likes of Showmax, Binge, TVNZ, and HBO Max, where ExpressVPN failed.

They offer secure connections with reliable servers that can bypass restrictions on content from any country. Knowing that the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, what do you have to lose? Check out our BulletVPN review for additional information.

2. Unlocator

The second on our list would be Unlocator. A VPN that has a lot of potential in the industry, particularly in the Unblocking department. Unlocator is well known for its Smart DNS service. The technology – just like a VPN- can bypass geo-restrictions. It does not adopt the same methods, though. Smart DNS only redirects a fraction of the data that reveals your exact location through their dedicated servers, meaning your data doesn’t get wrapped in encryptions.

White a Smart DNS proxy does not mask your IP address; it does deliver fast rates when streaming media content online. Pricing with Unlocator is on point as it requires a 4.9$ monthly fee for its services. As you may know, the longer the period you sign up for, the lower the price gets.

When it comes to subscribing to both VPN and Smart DNS, the monthly fee goes up to $9.99. It’s still cheaper than ExpressVPN and can unblock a lot more.

To learn more about this service, check out this Unlocator review.

3. NordVPN

Their monthly subscription is not too affordable for it costs $11.95 per month, a dollar less than ExpressVPN’s pricing. However, if you subscribe to a more extended period, you get their premium protection and pay 4.92$ on an annual basis. If you’re having a hard time choosing which device you’re going to sacrifice your privacy on, remember that you can secure your online privacy on all your devices with NordVPN. This company allows up to 6 simultaneous connections.

You can safeguard your online traffic anywhere you go with their user-friendly apps available on all platforms. Access to your favorite websites and services is guaranteed no matter where you are located so that you can forget about geo-restrictions and bandwidth limits. This NordVPN review will make you want to get a VPN as soon as possible. We’ve recently published an ExpressVPN vs. NordVPN comparison that is if you’re going to see how NordVPN stacks up against ExpressVPN.

Best ExpressVPN Alternatives

Each one of the VPN service providers we have mentioned above would make suitable replacements for ExpressVPN. However, that doesn’t undermine what ExpressVPN is all about. Here’s a final piece of advice, stay away from free VPNs; they’re bad news.

The VPN providers I mentioned will get the job done for you. Do you think I listed the best VPNs? Do you have any better possible replacements in mind for ExpressVPN? I would love to hear from you, so don’t leave the page without commenting.

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