Best VPN for Malta

As a country that’s made up of 7 Islands, there’s really no shortage of beaches in Malta for you to sit back, unwind and bask under the heat of their sun in. The combined population of all islands doesn’t get past 422,700 people, and this could be because of its relatively small land area of 316km2. Despite this size, the country still has a decent number of tourists streaming in. This is mainly because of its warm climate.

Best VPN for Malta

Best VPN for Malta

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Best VPN for Malta Summed Up

In case you already are aware of all the benefits you get out of a VPN while in Malta, there’s no need to read the full review below. Here’s our list of best VPNs for Malta:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. BulletVPN
  3. NordVPN

Internet in Malta

If plans are underway to visit or even relocate to this small country in Europe, then your Internet connection should be among the things you need to strongly consider. With the right to access the Internet recently being recognized as a basic human necessity, not too many people can do without a broadband connection. This is probably a result of the many devices that are Internet-dependent, as well as the time today’s generation tends to spend online whether they’re on social media, searching for something, streaming videos, or listening to music.

Access to the Internet is controlled differently by different countries. This means you might not necessarily enjoy access to the same websites and channels that you did while at home, in whatever new country you plan to visit. For some people, the sudden change of sites that can or cannot be accessed can be quite drastic and can end up spoiling the whole trip if not looked into.

Regaining access back to the sites that you are normally used to is something that can actually be done, so long as you subscribe to a top VPN service.

VPN in Malta Explained

To start with, the initials VPN stand for Virtual Private Network. This is generally a network of connected servers that all operate under one provider. A VPN service allows you to cover up your tracks online by hiding any clues that may point to where you could be browsing from, and this is done through encryption. As soon as you launch an Internet connection that’s backed by VPN, your traffic no longer goes through the route that’s intended by your ISP. Your traffic gets redirected towards servers that are potentially based outside your country, and this makes it possible for you to visit any geo-restricted site as long as you connect to a server that’s based within the site’s country of origin.

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In other words, you’d be fooling whatever site you want to connect to into ‘thinking’ that you’re based within their whitelisted regions. A perfect example of how this makes sense is when you want to connect to Netflix US because you know that’s where the latest episodes of your favorite series will appear first. Traditionally, you wouldn’t be able to access the site if you’re somewhere outside the US like in Malta, but if you sign up with a credible VPN service, you’ll then be granted access to the Netflix USA site since you’ll have fooled it into thinking that you’re based in the US.

The Best VPNs for Malta

Not just any VPN service is capable of both encrypting your connection and allowing access to geo-restricted sites. There are a ton of phony services out there that can sell off your browsing records to third parties, or leave you frustrated with all the ads and pop-ups they’ll need to allow to keep their services running. To avoid dealing with such, we suggest signing up to well-known providers that have a track record of keeping their subscribers secure. We have a comprehensive list of these A-list providers below and hope that you’ll at least find one that you’ll be able to sit well with.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN happens to be among very few VPN providers that have consistently won awards for excellent service. The provider is a non-US company, and this means the data transmitted by its customers is not privy to any data regulatory body courtesy of being based in the British Virgin Islands.

The service has a network of about 2000 servers that are all fast enough to guarantee no buffering whenever you want to stream in HD, as well as a zero-logging policy where all your browsing info doesn’t get shared out with anyone. The provider also has a very enticing customer loyalty program where an existing subscriber and his new referral both get a month of free use once the newbie signs up.

ExpressVPN promotes the use of OpenVPN as the preferred VPN protocol, though the service still offers IPSec and L2TP for customers to choose from. They also have a special collection of Stealth Servers that make it difficult for users to detect that they’re using a VPN service. Its VPN app is also quite well built and user-friendly, as it has versions that can run on iOS, Windows, Linux Mac OS, or Android.

With a money-back period that runs for 30 days, anyone thinking of subscribing to the service has more than enough time to check them out first. To learn more about all the features ExpressVPN has to offer, make sure to take a look at our ExpressVPN review.

2. BulletVPN

Second, on our list, we have a provider that’s known for its excellent speeds and perfect unblocking capabilities. Their server network is decent, with about 150+ servers scattered across 55 countries for subscribers to choose from.

BulletVPN also has one of the highest capacities for multiple connections, as it allows customers to have up to 6 other devices connected to their network. Users shouldn’t have to worry about these devices all being of the same Operating System since BulletVPN offers different versions of their VPN app so as to accommodate iOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and Mac OS users without much fuss.

Their customer care team is also always at hand to sort out any connectivity issues that may exist, so new VPN customers will always have someone on hand to help them out. The service allows and supports P2P file sharing, which is not a claim you’ll find with that many providers.

BulletVPN only allows prospective users to test out their service by offering a 30-day refund policy. We’ve published an in-depth analysis of BulletVPN as well.

3. NordVPN

NordVPN also has some very compelling reasons for you to sign up with them, and the fact that they have a network of 4000 servers already blows a considerable section of the competition out of the water. The service is based in Panama and offers a whole range of security-focused features.

Thanks to the service’s large network, users have the ability to decide which servers to connect to, and this is based solely on what it is they intend to do online. The service has servers that are best suited for online gaming, torrenting, HD streaming as well as large format downloads. Another perk that comes from having a large network is their double encryption feature.

This feature makes it possible for users to stream data over two servers instead of one, thereby shooting up their level of security. Speaking of which, NordVPN provides OpenVPN-based 256 bit AES encryption, and this is sure to keep users out of any harm that could be caused by spammers and hackers. Added features offered by the service include an Internet Kill Switch and DNS Leak protection. Learn more about this particular VPN by reading our NordVPN review.

Wind Up for The Best VPNs for Malta

We’ve just gone through the best possible services you can use to secure your browsing while in Malta. ExpressVPN, BulletVPN, or NordVPN, are some of the best VPNs you can use in Malta, and with all three having some form of a trial period in place, you won’t have to subscribe to any provider whose service you haven’t gotten a taste of. Got any comments or questions you’d like to ask us? Leave them in the comment section below and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

Best VPN for Malta
Best VPN for Malta

Name: ExpressVPN

Description: Visitors of Malta will no doubt reap huge benefits when signing up with a VPN service provider like ExpressVPN. Browsing the web while abroad requires extra precautions which only top VPNs offer.

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