How to Hide IP on Android TV Box Tutorial

How to hide IP address on Android TV Box? So, you’ve got yourself a new Android TV Box. Yeah, but what’s the point in having one of the top streaming platforms out there if it’s limited to what your country offers in terms of content? I’m quite sure you figured that out already just like I did when I got my Nvidia Shield. However, I got out of my country’s limitations with a VPN, so why don’t you do the same? You can literally access geo-restricted content with a hidden IP address. Sounds very techy? Don’t fret my friends. Today, I’ll be guiding you through how to hide your IP Address on Android TV Boxes.

How to Hide IP on Android TV Box

How to Hide IP on Android TV Box

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But First!!

There are a few requirements you need before you can move on with the process. I don’t want to state the obvious, but you’ll need your own Android TV Box as the main tool. Plug it in and set it all up. The other thing you need is an internet connection. Otherwise, this whole process will be for nothing.

Finally, you should subscribe to a VPN service before we begin. Technically, the VPN is the only way to hide your IP address. So go ahead and sign up with a credible VPN service. But before you do that, make sure that you can find a dedicated app for your TV Box in the Google Play Store.

Compatible Android TV Boxes

Just to let you know before you proceed, the devices I mentioned below are not the only ones compatible with a VPN. You’ll find dozens of other names out there, I’m just stating the ones that I thought are the best when I was trying them out.

  • Android 9 TV Box, Leelbox Q2 PRO S
  • EASYTONE Android 7.1.2 TV Box
  • SkyStream Three
  • NVIDIA SHIELD TV Gaming Edition
  • G-Box Q3 Plus TV Box
  • Q Plus Android 9.0 TV Box
  • T95Z Plus Android TV Box
  • Dolamee X2 A95X Max
  • VANKYO TB80 4K Android 7.1 TV Box
  • HAOSIHD T9 Android 8.1 TV Box

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Best VPN for Android Boxes

Plenty of fish in the sea indeed. This part of the article sheds more light on which VPNs to choose and which ones to avoid. First, don’t trust a VPN that offers services for free, trust me, it’s for your own good. You never what happens to your data once they get a hold of it. Sell it to sister companies? Give away information to the government?

As for a premium VPN, you have to consider what suits you best. It all depends on your needs in the end. Some of the great VPN providers might not include the features that you’re looking for. That’s why below, I listed the top 4 VPNs for Android TV to help you with video streaming, unblocking geo-restricted content and elevating your security. Check them out, you’ll be satisfied I’m sure.

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Why Hide IP Address on Android TV Box?

That’s an important question to ask. If you want to go through all this trouble, it’s your right to know what you’ll be getting at the end of the line. Well, if you don’t know the concept of what a VPN can do, let me enlighten you:

  • First, a VPN can alter your Store’s location to a different country. Force stop it, clear cache, and connect to a VPN server in the US, for example, and you’ll be able to download the likes of Hulu in your territory.
  • Another benefit comes in the form of accessing blocked streaming channels. Android TV boxes can elevate your streaming experience to a whole new level. With a VPN, you get to access streaming services that only operate in specific regions. Take me as the ultimate example. I can stream BBC iPlayer, ITV, US Netflix, and so many more since I have a VPN on my TV Box.
  • Downloading torrents has never been easier and safer when operating with a VPN. With a hidden IP address, you get to surf the web anonymously.
  • You do know that your IP can give away your actual location right? That’s not a problem anymore. When you cloak your IP address, not even your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can find out where you are and what have you been up to lately online.

Cloak Your IP Address on Android TV – Method One

So, this is the easiest way to set a VPN on your Android TV. In order to hide your location and IP address, you need a VPN client on your box. Well, it’s like downloading anything else on Android, just go to your Play Store. Take a look at what you need to do in the following:

  1. First, turn on your Box and head over to Play Store.
  2. After that, look for the VPN you wish to download. I highly recommend ExpressVPN as it’s one of the best for Android TV.
  3. Now, once the name pops up, hit the download button and the installation will begin.
  4. Meanwhile, sign up for their service and log in with your credential once the app is installed.
  5. You might be asked for a verification code. Go to your email and check it out there.
  6. Choose a VPN server from its dedicated list according to what country you wish your IP address to change to.
  7. Once the connect button turns green, take a look at our IP verifier to test if a connection was established.
  8. You now officially have a different IP address instead of your now-cloaked one.

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How to Hide IP on Android TV Box – Tutorial Two

While there’s plenty of fish in the sea, some of them might not be swimming your way. Some VPNs don’t have clients for Android TV Boxes for whatever reasons. The compatibility largely depends on the functions of your TV.

However, that doesn’t have to stop you from securing your connection and bypassing regional restrictions. There’s always a Plan B and I’m going to hand it out for you with a smile on my face. Let’s begin, shall we?

  1. If you don’t have ES File Explorer on your Android TV, download it now.
  2. After that, using your Box, head over to ‘Settings’ -> ‘System’ -> ‘Developer Options.’
  3. Now, enable Unknown Sources.
  4. Activate ES File Explorer and click on Tools -> Download Manager
  5. Tap on the + New option in the menu.
  6. Now submit the following as “Path”: Done? Hit OK.
  7. The download will start immediately.
  8. Next, open the file you downloaded to start your installation.
  9. Once done, launch the application which you’ll find on your TV Box’s Home Screen.
  10. Log in with your VPN account and connect to whatever server you want.
  11. You now have a hidden IP address on your Android TV Box

How to Hide IP Address on Android TV Box

As you can see from the guide above, configuring VPN on your Android TV does not require any technical know-how. In fact, the whole process does not differ much from installing any other Android app. Therefore, you have no excuse not to hide your IP and encrypt all of your Android TV Box Internet traffic, especially if you live in countries where ISPs constantly send out copyright infringement notices to their users. Just in case you need further help while installing ExpressVPN on your Android TV Box, give me a shoutout in the comment section below, I’ll be more than happy to help you out.


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