How to Use Usenet to Download – Beginner’s Guide

How to use Usenet? So, you’ve probably heard of Usenet and how it is a better alternative. Getting started with Usenet does require some basic know-how. In this tutorial, we’ll cover all the basics you need to start using Usenet in order to download video, audio, pictures and software to your PC or Mac. Although there are many ways to get the most out of Usenet, I’ll use a minimalist approach in this guide. That means, things are kept as simple as possible give that most readers will have no experience with Usenet, newsreaders, or NZB.

How to Download Movies with Usenet?

How to Use Usenet to Download – Beginner’s Guide

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Get Started with Usenet – Content Index

How to Use Usenet – Summary

Due to the fact Usenet is a premium service, you will need to sign up with a Usenet service. The actual amount of data you download from the Usenet server determines how much a Usenet account will cost per month.

Similarly to Bittorrent’s utorrent, you need a client to access a Usenet server. You could try SABnzb, Unison, or URD, but we do recommend using your Usenet service’s newsreader if available as it makes things much much easier.

Last but not least, source that indexes the Usenet files is also needed. A Newsgroup does just that. Think of it as a Pirate Bay or KickAss Torrents alternative for Usenet. Once you find the files you wish to download, simply send the the URL of that file to your Usenet client. Newshosting’s Newsreader has integrated many newsgroups so all you have to do is enter the name of the file you wish to download into the search bar.

If you want to search for Newsgroups manually, you could use Google and search for terms such as ‘best newsgroup for videos’ or ‘best newsgroup for audio’.

Alternatively, you can search for content to download using Usenet using UsenetServer’s Newsgroup Search.

First Step: Choosing your Usenet Service

Fast Usenet downloads mainly depend on two aspects. You need to use a good newsreader client but what’s more essential is the Usenet provider you are subscribed to. Speed, retention time, SSL encryption, multiple connections, and content availability. all make or break a Usenet service. Given the large number of Usenet providers available, I’ve prepared a list of the top Usenet providers in 2017.

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Step 2: Setting Up a Newsreader

In order to download videos or audio files through Usenet, you need a special client called Newsreader. There are free Newsreaders such as SABnzbd which you can download and use on PC, Mac, or Linux. However, Newshosting, and other premium Usenet services, provide their users with free Newsreader clients.

In case you decide to use SABnzbd or other free Newsreaders, you will be prompted to enter your Usenet username, password, and NNTP server addresses during the setup process. The NNTP server address can be found on your Usenet provider’s website.

Step 3: Finding Content to Download

In order to search and find videos or audio files to download via Usenet, you need a Newsgroup which basically indexes Usenet files. Again, Newshosting’s Newsreader saves you all the effort. You can simply search for whatever files you wish to download via their app.

How to Use Usenet – VPN for Added Privacy

Most Usenet providers do not keep logs and offers SSL encryption. However, you could also use VPN to achieve an even higher level of encryption. VPN also prevents your ISP from throttling your newsgroup download speeds. In short, using the Internet while connected to a VPN is much better than without it.

VPN is a virtual private network. When you connect to a VPN server, you are basically encrypting all your Internet traffic. Thus, you will be able to use the Internet anonymously. No more ISP eavesdropping. I’ve prepared a list of the top VPN providers you can use with along with Usenet.

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Getting Started with Usenet – Wrap Up

Being a Usenet newbie, you may find some aspects of using this method to download difficult to comprehend. Things do get much easier once you get the hang of it though. Feel free to post a comment below in case you need further help about getting started with Usenet.

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