How to Install VPN on FireStick – Ultimate Guide

How to install VPN on FireStick without root or jailbreak? The Fire TV is a great streaming device. More compatible streaming channels are being added to its already-impressive library. Unfortunately, to get the most out of the Fire TV Stick, you need to reside in the USA. Luckily, there is a workaround. You can use VPN to spoof your Fire Stick’s online location and make it appear to be in USA. Read the following Amazon Fire TV VPN installation guide to to bypass geographic restrictions and unblock US Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Kodi, Hulu, and much more.

Amazon Fire TV VPN Installation Guide

How to Install VPN on FireStick

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How to Install VPN on Fire Stick – The Easy Way

IPVanish are the first VPN service provider to have a dedicated VPN app for the Amazon Fire TV and FireStick. Setting it all up is pretty straight forward. The VPN app itself is free, but you do need an IPVanish account to sign in.

  1. Launch your Fire Stick or Amazon Fire TV.
  2. Go to ‘Apps’ at the top of your home screen.
    Go to Apps

    Go to Apps

  3. Now select ‘Categories’ -> ‘Utility’.
    Select Utility

    Select Utility

  4. Choose the IPVanish VPN app.
    Choose IPVanish App

    Choose IPVanish App

  5. Next, Select the ‘Get’ button to download the app.
  6. Once it has downloaded and installed, choose ‘Open’.
  7. Then, sign into the VPN app using your IPVanish Username and Password.
    Sign into the VPN App

    Sign into the VPN App

  8. Finally, choose the VPN server location you wish to connect to.
    Connect to VPN Server Location

    Connect to VPN Server Location

  9. Once the VPN connection has been established, simply click the home button on your Fire Stick remote control.

How to Install VPN on FireStick – Method 2

Before I go into details on how to install Amazon Fire TV VPN without root, I must note that not all VPN providers I’ve tested worked properly on the Fire TV. IPVanish was the best of the bunch. So, if you want to enable VPN on your Fire Stick, I’d suggest signing up with IPVanish. Once done, follow these steps.

Step 1: Installing ES File Explorer on Fire TV Stick

  1. On your Fire TV, go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Device’ -> ‘Developer Options.’
  2. Turn on ‘Allow apps from unknown sources.’
  3. From the Amazon Fire Stick main menu, go to ‘Search.’
  4. Type ‘ES Explorer’.
  5. Click on the ES Explorer app icon to download and install it.
  6. Launch the ES Explorer app.

Step 2: Install Fire TV VPN via ES Explorer

  1. From the ES Explorer menu, go to ‘Tools’ -> ‘Download Manager’ in the left-hand menu.
  2. Click on ‘+ New’ from the bottom menu.
  3. For ‘Path’, type and click ‘OK’.
  4. For ‘Name’, input ‘IPVanish’.
  5. Select ‘Download Now’
  6. The IPVanish installation file will now begin to download.
  7. Once the IPVanish apk file is downloaded, click on ‘Open file’ to install it on your Amazon Fire TV.
  8. Go back to your Fire TV home screen.
  9. Launch the IPVanish app.
  10. Sign in and connect to a VPN server of your choice.

How to Install Fire TV VPN without Root – Method 3

I recommend using second Fire TV installation method if you own an Android smartphone or Android. It mainly involves installing an application via Google Play Sore that allows you to throw any app you have installed on your Android to your Fire TV.

Step 1: Installing Apps2Fire on Android Device

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, launch Google Play Store.
  2. Search for an app called Apps2Fire and install it.
  3. Download the IPVanish Android app if you have not done so already.

Step 2: Install Fire TV VPN via Apps2Fire

  1. On your Fire TV, go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘System’ -> ‘Developer Options.’
  2. Turn on ‘Allow apps from unknown sources.’ and ‘ADB debugging’.
  3. Now, go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘System’ -> ‘About’ -> ‘Network’ and note down your Fire TV’s IP address.
  4. Launch the Apps2Fire app on your Android and go to ‘Setup’.
  5. Type in the IP address you have noted down earlier.
  6. Go to ‘Local Apps’ and search for the IPVanish app.
  7. Click on it and select ‘Install’
  8. The Fire TV will notify you once the IPVanish installation is complete.

How to Install VPN on FireStick Video Tutorial

Setup VPN on Amazon Fire TV – Alternative Methods

There are two other Amazon Fire TV VPN installation methods you can use if your current VPN provider does not have Fire TV applications or in case first generation FireStick. Please note that both these alternatives require more effort and time.

Benefits of using VPN on Fire TV

Enabling VPN on your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick allows you to unlock a ton of hidden features. In fact, unless you live in the USA, the Fire TV is pretty much useless because of the lack of decent channels on it. Here’s everything you can do when you combine VPN with Fire Stick.

  • Unblock American Amazon Instant Video.
  • Access geoblocked US streaming channels such as Hulu, HBO GO, Showtime, NBC Sports, ABC Go, and many more.
  • Unblock UK channels like BBC iPlayer, ITV, Channel 4.
  • Stream videos via Kodi anonymously.

How to Install VPN on FireStick without Root

You won’t really start to truly appreciate your Fire TV unless you install VPN on it. The amount of new channels you get to access are really impressive. If you need more help while installing Amazon Fire TV without root or jailbreak, just drop a comment below and I’ll help you out.


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