How to Watch Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury: The Truth Live Online

They say the Third Time’s a Charm, and they’re right. We’re finally getting the long-awaited bout between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury on February 26th, 2023. The fight is going to be epic, and a host of streaming services are broadcasting it. One problem, though, geo-restrictions apply.

How to Watch Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury Live Online

Following his appearance at WWE’s Crown Jewel, Jake Paul returns to Saudi Arabia to take on Tommy Fury in the Diriyah Arena, Diriyah.

Those of you living in countries where no broadcasting service is present, we got you covered. Those who are getting blocked as they’re abroad, we also got you covered. Here’s how you can stream Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury: The Truth live anywhere.

Stream The Truth Live – Quick Steps

Time needed: 8 minutes

It’s simple. If you want to watch the upcoming bout between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service.

    For a seamless experience, we highly recommend using ExpressVPN.

  2. Download the VPN application.

    Install the VPN client on your streaming device.

  3. Activate the VPN client.

    Sign in with your username and password.

  4. Connect to a VPN server.

    Choose a server in the country where your chosen channel has broadcasting rights.

  5. Launch the channel’s website or app.

    Sign in with your account.

  6. Watch Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury live.

    Enjoy the epic bout wherever you are.

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Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Online Streaming – Full Walkthrough

We have a lot more to discuss regarding the bout between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury. For additional information, make sure you go through the following guide:

What You Need

To stream the “February 26th, 2023” fight live, you need everything on the list below:

  • A VPN subscription.
  • An account with your selected channel.
  • PPV purchase.
  • A compatible streaming device.

Paul vs. Fury – The Streaming Services!

Boxing has taken over the entire globe as fans from each side of the world tune in regularly to watch epic bouts between legends.

This time around, Jake Paul will take on none other than Tyson Fury’s half-brother, Tommy Fury. The match promises to be one of the best ways to kick off 2023.

Jake Paul made a surprise appearance in Saudi Arabia when he aided his brother, Logan Paul, in his match against Roman Reigns. That moment alone blew the roof off the Mrsool Park stadium.

Now, the fight between him and Fury goes all the way back to KSA inside the Diriyah Arena, Diriyah. In the United States, users can stream the event on ESPN+.

Aside from having an ESPN+ subscription, fans are prompted to purchase the PPV event for $49.99. As for those in the UK, the fight is also up for grabs on BT Sport Box Office (No official price has been announced).

Now, despite having dedicated streaming channels, geo-blocking still applies. If you don’t live in these countries, you won’t be able to access the services.

For example, ESPN+ only operates in America, which means you need a US IP address. If you’re abroad, even having a valid account won’t get you in. You’ll receive an error message that looks like this:

“ESPN+ is not available in your country due to content rights issues.”
ESPN+ Error

Well, it doesn’t end here. We have already provided you with the perfect solution to circumvent geo-restrictions and access content overseas. To watch the Fury vs. Paul fight, just follow the steps above.

What is a VPN?

Before we explain what a VPN is, we have to note that anyone living abroad must use this tool to complete the task.

A Virtual Private Network is a security app that protects your data and hides your online identity while browsing the web.

Once you connect to a server, the VPN will shield your sent/received information with military-grade encryption. This makes it next to impossible for any third party to intercept what you submit online.

Moreover, the VPN will cloak your original IP address and replace it with a temporary one based on the connected server’s location. Not only does this conceal your identity, but it also allows you to access geo-restricted content.

For example, if you connect to an American server, you’ll receive a US IP address. As a result, you can stream the fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury on ESPN+, regardless of your current physical location.

Of course, not all VPNs operate in the same manner – or with the same quality. We tested several VPNs for this task and found out that ExpressVPN is the provider to choose.

It has hundreds of server locations, including several in the United States and the United Kingdom. Not only that, but the service boasts the best security features that ensure complete online safety.

However, while our top recommendation goes to ExpressVPN, we did review other reputable providers that can do the job just as well as ExpressVPN does. You can check them out in the table below.

VPN Provider
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  • Extensions for Firefox and Chrome
  • Split-tunneling available

The Truth – Frequently Asked Questions

There’s more to know about the fight. We included everything in the following FAQ section:

When Will Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury Take Place?

Did Jake and Tommy Meet Before?

What Channels are Broadcasting the Fight?

What Are the Fighters’ Stats?

What Other Matches are on the Card?

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury – A Showdown of Legends

When it comes to boxing matches, nothing tops two of the world’s best colliding. Youtube sensation Jake Paul (Brother of Logan Paul) will give us the match of a lifetime against another sensation Tommy Fury (Tyson Fury’s half-brother).

Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars. On February 26th, 2023 – an epic match will go down in Saudi Arabia. Don’t miss a punch, as you now have all the means to stream the fight anywhere.

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