How to watch DR TV outside Denmark using VPN or DNS Proxy

DR is the national Danish broadcaster. DR provides a variety of programs for free exclusively in Denmark. If you are a Danish expat outside Denmark, or live outside. For examplein Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Cyprus, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Australia, Spain, France, UK, or USA you won’t be allowed to watch DR. VPN and Smart DNS provide simple and effective solution to unblock DR outside Denmark.

How to watch DR TV outside Denmark using VPN or Smart DNS Proxies

How to watch DR TV outside Denmark using VPN or Smart DNS Proxies

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How to unblock DR TV outside Denmark using VPN

Virtual Private Network, or simply VPN, not only redirects your traffic so that it appears to be generated from a server outside your country of origin, but it also provides online protection by encrypting your outgoing traffic. By using VPN, you can also benefit from the following features:

  • VPN empowers you to protect your privacy via traffic encryption.
  • VPN hides your IP and gives you the ability to surf the web anonymously.
  • VPN allows you to unblock websites, services, and applications that are restricted to certain regions such as DR, BBC Iplayer, BEIN Sports, Hulu, and Crackle.
  • VPN enables you to protect sensitive data such as bank accounts, passwords, and downloads from spies.
  • VPN is unaffected by bogus ISP policies such as transparent proxies or DNS Hijacking.

Choosing a reliable and secure VPN provider is the most important step when setting up a VPN. ExpressVPN provides safe, fast, and easy-to-use VPN solutions with servers all over the globe. To make things even easier, ExpressVPN have created downloadable apps for iPhones, iPads, PC, Mac, and android devices.

Use these VPN providers to watch DR outside Denmark.

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Unlock DR TV outside Denmark using Smart DNS proxies

Smart DNS in another alternative which allows you to unblock websites which are usually exclusive available to other regions/countries. Smart DNS does not encrypt your data. However, it enables you to unblock services from various regions at the same time. This means that you can watch DR, BBC Iplayer, iTV, HBOGO, American Netflix, or BEIN Sports if you simply change your DNS codes. Other benefits include:

  • High speed access to services and websites that are restricted where you live.
  • Unlike VPN where you need to set up an independent VPN code for each region. Smart DNS gives you simultaneous access to website and application from all around the world. This way, you get to watch America’s HBO GO and Denmark’s DR TV simultaneously.
  • Smart DNS works on almost any device such as Smart TV, iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac, Xbox, or Playstation. If you change DNS on your router, all devices are supported at once.
  • Some ISPs implement Transparent proxies or DNS Hijacking strategies which make Smart DNS impractical. If you believe your ISP uses such policies, VPN is way forward.

Make to sure to find a trusted and well established Smart DNS provider. I tested a Denmark based Smart DNS Proxy service called Unlocator. They provide over  214 unblocked channels to choose from in addition to videos and set-up guides for all devices.

DR TV Channels

  • DR 1
  • DR 2
  • DR 3
  • DR K
  • DR Ultra
  • DR Ramasjang

 DR Radio Stations

  • DR P1
  • DR P2
  • DR P3
  • DR P4
  • DR P5
  • DR P6 BEAT
  • DR P7 MIX
  • DR P8 JAZZ
  • DR ULTRA Radio
  • MAMA Radio
  • Podcast
  • Playlister

DR TV Supported Streaming Devices

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Mac
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Smart TV

Watch DR TV outside Denmark – The Sum-up

If you’re still uncertain of what’s best for you, check your priorities. VPN is suitable for people who prefer to keep their online activity secure, or if your ISP uses restrictions. Smart DNS, on the other hand, is the best choice if you want access to multi regional websites without significant loss in internet speed. Make sure you leave a comment below if you need further help.


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