Best VPN for Kodi – 2024 Review

Do you know what is the best VPN for Kodi for FireStick, Android, Nvidia Shield, Raspberry Pi, PC, Chromecast, or Mac in 2024? You don’t? Well, I do. But, I’ll share it with you, don’t you worry about that. All you have to do is read this review, and you’ll learn all about the fastest VPN for Kodi.

Best VPN for Kodi 2018 Reviewed

Best Kodi VPN 2024 Reviewed

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Kodi, aka XMBC, basically is open-source entertainment software. By setting up Kodi add-ons, you can have hundreds of streaming channels right under your fingertips. There are two main issues with these Kodi add-ons. Some of them are geo-restricted, while others are torrent based. That explains why it’s necessary to use a VPN with Kodi. VPN enables you to bypass regional restrictions as well as mask your IP address while torrenting. So, what is the best Kodi VPN?

What is VPN for Kodi?

Why do people use a use VPN with Kodi? And what is a VPN anyway?

Let’s start off by explaining what a VPN stands for. A VPN is a virtual private network that gives you the advantage of encrypting all of your online traffic. Yes, that’s right! You get to add a layer of security to your data.

You will only gain that protection upon connecting to one of that VPN’s remote servers. With a connection like that, you also get to hide your IP address. All of these torrenting websites and streaming channels – which you normally couldn’t access- will now see you attempting to connect to their services from a different location. With that VPN connection, you obtain the IP address of the server you connect to. The location you appear to be connecting from must be in the same place as where the service you want to access is based. Otherwise, this whole connecting to a VPN server thing would be a waste of time.

Let’s carry on. Assuming you have set up a BBC iPlayer addon on your Kodi, you won’t be able to watch live or on-demand content unless you use a VPN. Instead, you will still receive a geo-error.

Whenever you download a torrent with torrent add-ons – whether or not Kodi is involved – your IP address gets added to the torrent swarm. Meaning your Internet Service Provider and/or copyright infringement groups can keep a track record of your downloads.

These worries would all disappear if you use a VPN. Not only does it allow you to bypass geo-restrictions, but also hides your online identity. Allow us to point some things out for you

  • Alright, first things first, you need to find a VPN that suits your needs.
  • After you make the VPN subscription you desire, download and install its app on any of your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Raspberry Pi, or Android TV Box.
  • Now, if you are using Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, or Apple TV, you will have to establish a VPN connection on your router. This shouldn’t be a problem if you follow VPN router setup documentation.
  • You can also set up a virtual router on your PC/Mac and then share its VPN connection with your devices.
  • Being connected to the VPN server will give you the opportunity to anonymously download and/or stream torrents using Kodi.
  • Are Putlocker, Afdah, and WatchFree blocked where you are? Well, a VPN can help you access them with a hidden identity.
  • Did you know that configuring a VPN helps you protect your privacy and beat geo-blocking?

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Best Kodi VPN

So what is the best VPN for Kodi in 2024? Personally, I would definitely recommend ExpressVPN, given they have VPN servers in over 80 countries.

IPVanish also does not impose any bandwidth limits and, most importantly, doesn’t log users’ browsing activity. If you run into any issues while setting up your VPN connection, you can also get a helping hand from ExpressVPN‘s 24/7 live support. Here is my list of the best Kodi VPN providers in 2024.

Last Updated Today  
VPN Provider
  • 30-Day Money-back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Apps For All Your Devices
  • 24/7 Live Support
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IPVanish - Top 5 Kodi VPN 2017 Review

IPVanish – Top 5 Kodi VPN 2024 Review

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  • Zero Logs Policy: Before even thinking about signing up with a VPN service, you need to ask for its privacy policy. You are looking for a provider that will protect your privacy, not exploit it. The last thing you want is your provider keeping tabs on you. It shouldn’t know what websites you are visiting, the movies you are streaming, or the files you are downloading. It would then go against its main principles.
  • Refund Policy: Different people have different needs. IPVanish offers its users a 7-day refund guarantee. That means that you have enough time to test their service and check whether or not it meets your needs.
  • The VPN Server Network: How big of a network your VPN plays a major role in your online experience. If you connect to a VPN with slow server speeds, you will suffer buffering and stuttering. The VPN you need to select must have servers spread in key locations across the globe. It makes a huge difference. If you connect to a VPN server that is close to your location, the risk of Internet speed drops decreases. 
  • Optimized Servers for Kodi: This feature is often overlooked.  You need to be aware that some VPNs have servers that are optimized to operate with Kodi. Others don’t have that feature, which might put a damper on the online experience via Kodi. Worry not, you’ll benefit on all levels when using IPVanish.



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In comparison with other well-established VPNs, BulletVPN is new, but in a good way. It still ranks as one of the very few providers with apps for FireStick, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV Box.

Most people wish to install Kodi on these devices, which makes this feature indispensable. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee with a BulletVPN subscription, which means you really have nothing to lose. You can always get your money back if you are not satisfied.

  • allows up to 6 simultaneous VPN connections.
  • 154 servers in 55 countries.
  • follows a strict no-logging policy for privacy reasons
  • its VPN apps are optimized for Kodi
  • offers a 30-day refund policy
  • there are no bandwidth caps, which is good for streaming


ExpressVPN Stops Providing Servers in India

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The list is not complete without the one and only ExpressVPN.

We have enough reasons to rank ExpressVPN as one of the best providers in the industry. The company’s services are unmatched. This includes its 30-day refund guarantee and highly professional 24/7 live support. You can always count on ExpressVPN to help you bypass restrictions and beat Internet censorship. 


  • unblocks Netflix USA
  • offers friendly 24/7 customer support
  • runs over 130 different VPN locations all over the world
  • allows up to 5 simultaneous connections.



StrongVPN - Top 5 Kodi VPN 2017 Review

StrongVPN – Top 5 Kodi VPN 2024 Review

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are searching for a VPN provider that successfully unblocks both American and British Netflix abroad, you might want to check out StrongVPN. Although this provider doesn’t have a lot of impressive features like most VPN services, it somehow makes up for it with its low pricing. Meaning its subscriptions are fairly and reasonably priced.


  • reasonable price
  • gain access to US and UK Netflix abroad
  • get a free Smart DNS proxy service


  • only a 5-day refund period
  • OpenVPN is only available on selected servers.
  • Some of its servers are either too slow or non-functional



VyprVPN - Top 5 Kodi VPN 2017 Review

VyprVPN – Top 5 Kodi VPN 2024 Review


VyprVPN’s “Chameleon” feature was basically designed to beat China’s Great Firewall. This makes VyprVPN a safe choice for a VPN in Mainland China, VyprVPN is a safe bet. The drawback is that the company doesn’t allow torrenting using their VPN servers. Otherwise, this VPN would be ranked higher on our list.


  • offers speedy VPN servers
  • operates VPN servers in over 36 countries
  • its stealth Chameleon system is all for privacy


  • No torrents are allowed

NordVPN – Top Kodi VPN 2024 Guide

NordVPN - Top 5 Kodi VPN 2018 Review

NordVPN – Top 5 Kodi VPN 2024 Review

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Top VPN Provider

30-day Money Back Guarantee

NordVPN’s applications for a wide array of platforms are the most user-friendly apps ever. Not only is the interface really cool, the step-up process only takes up a few minutes of your time. Once you download it, you simply activate the app and connect to whatever VPN server you want. A lot of work has been put into the creation and development of these apps. Just like ExpressVPN, NordVPN offers a 30-day money guarantee refund, which is really a generous amount of time.


  • offers a 30-day refund period
  • has excellent user-friendly VPN apps
  • operates a larger server network
  • has a Double VPN feature to provide extra security


  • Some VPN servers were a tad slower than usual

Best Kodi Proxies 2024

You can also make use of Smart DNS services such as Unlocator or Unblock-Us to bypass regional restrictions on international Kodi addons. While I managed to get it working, Smart DNS proxy services usually do not officially support Kodi. Additionally, Smart DNS does not hide your IP address. So if you are using torrent add-ons on your Kodi, make sure you are using VPN instead.

Top Geoblocked Kodi Add-ons

  • Hulu
  • FilmOn
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Channel 4 (4oD)
  • ITV
  • My5
  • ESPN
  • NBC Sports

Best Torrent Kodi Add-ons

  • Pulsar
  • Quasar
  • Red Beard
  • Torrenter V2
  • XBMCtorrent
  • KMediaTorrent

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Best VPN for Kodi 2024 –  Wrap Up

You have to use VPN to get use Kodi to the fullest extent. It is as simple as that. Whether you want to unblock international Kodi add-ons like Hulu or BBC iPlayer or want to stream torrents via Kodi addons anonymously such as Pulsar or Quasar, VPN is a must.

While proxies might allow you to bypass geographic restrictions, they are more of a hit-and-miss. Proxies will not mask your IP address when you are streaming movies via torrent Kodi add-ons either. But, that’s all up to you whether you value security over speed. Which feature do you cherish the most and what method do you think you’ll use? Write down your preferences, explaining why in the comments section.

IPVanish Review
IPVanish Review 2019

Name: IPVanish

Description: As one of the most popular VPN services around, IPVanish offers excellent customer support, over 600 different VPN locations, and easy-to-use apps.

Price: 10

Currency: $

Operating System: Windows, OSX, Android, iOS

Application Category: Multimedia


  • Refund Policy
  • Speed
  • Support
  • Apps

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