How to Watch NHL Stanley Cup Final 2019 Live Online?

Watching the NHL Stanley Cup Final 2019 live is like witnessing a murder on ice. The players ruthlessly hustle, hit, and never quit, trying to gain control over the puck until they make a score. It’s quiet the treat, and you can be in on it regardless of your location if you do exactly as I say.

Take it from someone who has already demystified geo-restrictions and the tools that help unblock it. Whether you’re using a VPN or Smart DNS, you can stream the NHL Stanley Cup Final 2019 live and online. 

How to Watch NHL Stanley Cup Final 2018 Live Online?
How to Watch NHL Stanley Cup Final 2018 Live Online?

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How to stream the 2019 NHL Stanley Cup Final in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, or elsewhere around the world? On May 28th, 2018, the first of at least 4 NHL Stanley Cup Final games will be played between the Golden Knights and Capitals. Due to ice hockey’s limited popularity outside North America, it can be quite difficult to find official and legal NHL streaming channels to watch the Finals online. This guide will help you watch the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Washington Capitals on your PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku, FireStick, PS4, Xbox One, Chromecast or Smart TV.

NHL Stanley Cup Final 2019 Streaming Channels

Here’s a list of official Stanley Cup Final TV broadcasters in the USA and Canada:

*Note: The Stanley Cup Final will not be broadcasted on NHL.TV in the USA nor Canada due to blackout restrictions.

How to Watch Stanley Cup Final 2019 with VPN

The channels above – besides the NHL.TV – are blocked outside the USA and Canada where they are originated. Basically, you have two ways in which you can get unblocking business up and going. The first is a VPN and the other is a Smart DNS proxy. With a VPN  for example, you get to unblock channels outside Canada like CBS.

As a result, you will be able to watch the Stanley Cup Final 2019 live online. You can apply the same method if you want to bypass blackouts. It’s worth using actually if you already have an subscription.

  • You will still have to sign up with a VPN provider to watch the Stanley Cup Final 2019 live. 
  • Afterward, you download the VPN app to your device: Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC.
  • Now, connect to a VPN server in Canada, so you get to stream the NHL Stanley Cup Final live online.
  • Bypassing blackouts will require that you to connect to a VPN server in a country where blackouts don’t exist. T
  • An American expat residing in UK, Canada, Australia, or France can use a VPN to unblock NBC Sports abroad.

ExpressVPN receives a lot of praise, and it surely deserves it. Its server network is incredibly large with the ability to connect from all parts of the world. There’s always a server close to wherever you are. That way, you won’t have to worry about speed rates at all.

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How to Stream NHL Stanley Cup Final with Smart DNS Proxies

Compared to a VPN, a Smart DNS does not encrypt users’ traffic or secure their data. In fact, everything remains visible including users’ IP addresses. What changes is the device’s DNS, which provides access to restricted content. This is why it’s inadvisable to use a Smart DNS for security purposes.

Aside from security, a Smart DNS promises fast unblocking speeds, all due to lack of encryptions. If you can adapt to the idea that a Smart DNS is not a secure option but can grant you the content you want at fast rates, then don’t hold back on the subscription. If you do decide on getting one, here’s what you need to keep in mind: 

  • With a Smart DNS, you get past blackouts from NFL Game Pass, NBA League Pass and aside from
  • You can do that on a wide range of devices iPad, PS4, PS3, iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, Apple TV, Wii, Android & Amazon Fire Stick.
  • A Smart DNS doesn’t operate well with DNS hijacking or transparent proxies.
  • You can’t make changes to your location.
  • You will only get to access what your Smart DNS can unblock.

Unlocator is a great product with highly responsive customer service. While everyone would agree on increasing security aspects, Unlocator still serves as a strong and robust unblocking tool.

The device can unblock over 200 channels, and that’s not something any Smart DNS can do. The best thing about this provider is that it works on all devices, making it a very flexible option.

NHL Stanley Cup Final 2019 Schedule

Get the first look of the Stanley Cup Final schedule between Golden Knights and Capitals. The first team to win 4 matches will be

  • Game 1: May 28 at Vegas, 8 PM
  • Game 2: May 30 at Vegas, 8 PM
  • Game 3: June 2 at Washington, 8 PM
  • Game 4: June 4 at Washington, 8 PM
  • *Game 5: June 7 at Vegas, 8 PM
  • *Game 6: June 10 at Washington, 8 PM
  • *Game 7: June 13 at Vegas, 8 PM

*If Required.

How to Stream Stanley Cup Final 2019 Live Online – Wrap Up

The Vegas Golden Knights have been making all the headlines due to the fact they’re the first expansion team ever to reach the Final in their inaugural NHL season.

Will they go all the way or will the Washington Capitals crash the party? Share your predictions in the comments below.

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  1. Please note the errors in the above article:

    “All of the Stanley Cup streaming channels listed above are geo-blocked outside the USA and Canada”.
    This is NOT accurate and outright false as International is for anyone living outside Canada & USA and thus is NOT geo-blocked anywhere except for Norway and one other other EU country.

    Further, it should be noted that in order to watch ANY of the above noted broadcasters you will need a paid subscription or you WILL NOT be able to stream the NHL broadcasts, VPN or not!

    Please clarify this mis-information to avoid confusion.

    CDN hockey czar in Asia.

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