How to Watch Westworld Season 2 Online?

How to stream Westworld Season 2 live online in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and the rest of the world? The wait is finally, well almost, over. HBO have announced, during the NFL Super Bowl commercials nonetheless, that the second season of the ultra-popular TV show Westworld is set to premiere on the 22nd of April, 2018. Let’s look at all the different ways you can watch Westworld Season 2 on your PC, Mac, Android, Roku, Apple TV, FireStick, PS4, Xbox One, Android, or iOS.

How to Watch Westworld Season 2 Online?

How to Watch Westworld Season 2 Online?

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How to Watch Westworld Season 2 Online?

It’s pretty obvious that if you currently live in the USA, you can stream Westworld Season 2 on HBO. If you have a cable subscription, simply sign into the HBO Go app. In case you’re a cord-cutter, you have to sign up with HBO Now to watch all of HBO’s exclusives in the USA. But what about American expats living in UK, Australia, Canada and elsewhere overseas. Well, it isn’t clear yet as to which foreign streaming channels will broadcast the new season online. It’s also safe to assume that these streaming channels will not air new Westworld episodes at the same time HBO broadcasts them in the United States. HBO itself is geoblocked abroad. Sky Atlantic did confirm that they’re planning to broadcast Westworld Season 2 episodes in the UK at the same time they air in the USA. Nonetheless, you can use VPN or Smart DNS proxies to bypass these regional restrictions.

How to Stream Westworld Season 2 outside the USA with VPN?

VPN will allow you to appear to be coming from the USA, this will allow you to watch either free HBO Go shows or Westworld overseas if you do have a valid subscription. I do use ExpressVPN mainly because of their speeds and the fact that they do have easy to setup and use apps for a lot of devices. See below for more info :

  1. Easy to use apps for FireStick, iPad, iPhone, Android, PC, and Mac.
  2. Other supported devices need a VPN enabled router if you do not know what that means please jump to the Smart DNS Proxy option below.
  3. All your traffic will be encrypted, this gives you a bonus feature of being protected from traffic inspections and eavesdropping.
  4. ExpressVPN has one of the lowest speed penalties in the industry.
  5. All other US channels such as Fox, Hulu, American Netflix and the likes get unblocked as well.

How to Watch Westworld Season 2 outside the USA with Smart DNS Proxies

Smart DNS proxies operate differently, your traffic is not encrypted but as a bonus, all devices are supported. In essence, if you do use a Smart DNS Proxy your traffic will appear to be coming from the USA to HBO Go/Now, so you won’t get the geolocation block about your location being invalid. A few more features of Smart DNS Proxies are listed below :

  1. Easy to set up. All HBO Go and HBO Now devices are supported.
  2. No bandwidth speed penalties.
  3. You get to unblock lots of apps such as BBC Iplayer, HBO GO, Fox and others, all simultaneously.
  4. Since only partial traffic is re-routed, local websites that apply Geo detection to find out your location will still work.

Unlocator is such a Smart DNS Proxy service, with close to 203 channels, excellent support and the fastest DNS speeds in the industry.

Westworld Season 2 – What We Know So Far

Westworld Season 2’s release date is April 22nd, 2018. Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright and James Marsden will all be starring in the second season. It’s rumored that the second season, similarly to the first, will consist of 10 episodes although HBO are yet to confirm this.

Westworld Season 2 Official Trailer

How to Watch Westworld Season 2 Online – Wrap Up

If the second season of Westworld is as good as the first, we’re surely in for a treat. We’ll update this guide on how to stream Westworld Season 2 online around the world once more info becomes available.

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