[Fixed] How to Watch DSTV Outside South Africa

How to unblock and watch DSTV outside South Africa? DSTV is one of the biggest TV broadcasters in the world. It offers both live and catch-up TV in South Africa online. However, DSTV is geo-blocked outside South Africa

Watch DSTV outside South Africa

To unblock DSTV in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, or anywhere else abroad, you’ll need to alter your virtual location and appear to be accessing the channel from within South Africa.

Technically, that is doable. If you follow the steps presented in the guide below, you’ll be able to watch DStv wherever you may be around the world.

Get DStv Anywhere – Quick Guide

Time needed: 7 minutes

As mentioned, DStv is one of the most popular streaming services in Sub-Saharan Africa, which is why we’ll cut right to the chase. Here’s how you can watch DStv in your region:

  1. First, subscribe to a credible VPN service.

    DStv can block VPNs. We tested dozens and we highly recommend BulletVPN for the task.

  2. Download and install the VPN app on a compatible device.

    You’ll find clients on PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, or iPad.

  3. After that, sign in with your VPN account and head over to the server list.

    BulletVPN has more than 150 servers in 55 countries, including around 15 in South Africa.

  4. Connect to a South African server.

    BulletVPN has 7 DStv-dedicated servers. They all can unblock the channels.

  5. Launch DStv’s website or application.

    We’ll show you how to get it on any streaming device in a comprehensive walkthrough.

  6. Sign in with your DStv account.

    If you haven’t subscribed yet, follow the guide below.

  7. Start watching DStv wherever you are.

    Enjoy live and on-demand streaming with DStv anywhere.

Get BulletVPN

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Unblock DStv – The Full Walkthrough

You have a lot to learn about DStv and how to get it overseas. That’s why we created this in-depth guide below:

The Requirements

This is what you need to unblock DStv outside South Africa:

  • DStv account.
  • A VPN subscription.
  • DStv-compatible device.

Is DStv AvailableOutside South Africa?

DSTV takes a peek at your IP address whenever you try to access its service. This helps it pinpoint your location and determine whether to allow you access or not. If you don’t hold a South African IP address, the channel will block your viewing almost instantly.

Once DSTV detects that you are trying to watch its live channels or catch-up programs outside South Africa, it will block you. All you’ll be getting out of the channel is this geo-error message:

DSTV Error

“Sorry, DStv Now isn’t available in your region.”

To watch DStv, you need to spoof your location with a VPN. However, lately, DStv has applied a strong VPN block, which terminates even the top VPNs’ access to its library.

If DStv determines that you’re using a VPN, the following geo-error message will appear (Browsers):


“Sorry, we’re unable to play this video right now, something went wrong on our side. Please retry in a few minutes or play another video.”

As for Android users, the message differs as its one of the most common among DStv customers living abroad. This is how it looks like:

DSTV Android

“Something went wrong. Please wait and try again in a few minutes. 500.”

A lot of VPNs we always recommend weren’t able to bypass such blocks, but we always find a way to help you out. In the next section, you’ll learn everything about Virtual Private Networks, how to unblock DStv, and what VPN is capable of getting the job done.

DSTV Outside South Africa – Unblock with VPN

VPN lets you change your geo-location by altering your IP address. It reroutes your internet traffic through one of its servers in a selected country. Once you connect, you’ll be viewed as a current resident in that region with a valid IP address instead of your now-hidden one.

For example, DStv requires a South African IP address. Just connect to a server in South Africa and that’s exactly what you’ll be getting. As a result, you’ll be able to stream DStv’s content no matter where you’re located on the map.

BulletVPN is the premium VPN service provider you need to get in order to unblock the likes of DStv abroad. It operates a huge network that consists of over 155 server locations in more than 55 countries.

This is a great deal for anyone who’s looking to bypass regional restrictions. Not only that, but it also has blazing fast servers in South Africa.

As far as security goes, BulletVPN encrypts all of your data and keeps it out of the hands of cybercriminals and hackers. Please note that there aren’t many VPN services that can unblock DStv abroad. As alternatives, you can check these best VPNs for DStv in the table below.

VPN Provider
Best VPN
  • UltraHD streaming
  • Free Smart DNS proxy
  • Unblocks all major streaming services
  • Limited time 72% discount
Visit BulletVPN Try risk-free for 30 days Read our review
Second Best VPN
  • Best for streaming and privacy
  • High speed servers in 160 VPN locations
  • Works for Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu
  • 24/7/ live chat support
Third Best VPN
  • 7-day free trial
  • User-friendly application
  • Standalone Smart DNS subscription available
  • Extra security features
  • Extensions for Firefox and Chrome
  • Split-tunneling available

DStv Unblocked with BulletVPN

This is a dedicated part to show exactly what our experience with DStv was as we too went through the process mentioned above. Recently, two of our top recommendations started to get blocked by DStv, but one managed to keep up with it – BulletVPN.


When we connected to a South African server (You have two options), we launched the DStv website on our Mac. Next, we signed in with our account, opened the Catch-Up section, and watched a video without any hitch.


Another problem users were facing is that the live feature isn’t working when they’re using VPNs. The On-Demand content (might) work, yet again, might not.

It all depends on the provider they’re using. With BulletVPN, we noticed that it’s able to unblock both features on DStv without having to witness the frustrating error messages presented above.

As of today, BulletVPN proved to be credible when it comes to unblocking DStv outside South Africa on both mobile and desktop devices. We couldn’t show you screenshots from the mobile app as DStv applies security measures that block this feature.

A VPN Alternative – Smart DNS Proxy

Smart DNS also enables you to access geo-blocked channels. It changes the URLs that help the channel determine your geo-location. Once they’re altered, you’ll be able to access DStv wherever you are.

Smart DNS does not change your IP address. This means that you’ll still be able to watch your local channels while attempting to bypass regional restrictions.

Unlike a VPN, Smart DNS doesn’t add an extra layer of protection to your browsing activities. In other words, it doesn’t encrypt your traffic, which means that you’ll be operating at full speed without any drop in your connection.

In order to unblock DSTV using Smart DNS, you have to configure the DNS addresses on your streaming device.

Not all Smart DNS proxy services support DSTV. However, Unlocator does. In addition, Unlocator allows you to unlock 213 other streaming services from around the world.

How to Create a DStv Account Outside South Africa

Without a credible VPN, signing up with DStv is nearly impossible. Geo-blocking works in so many ways, and in some instances with DStv, you can’t even reach the Sign Up page.

Instead, you get the following error:

“403 ERROR  The request could not be satisfied.  Request blocked. We can’t connect to the server for this app or website at this time.”

Well, that won’t be a problem anymore as by now, you should have a BulletVPN subscription. With that, you can now proceed and subscribe to the service by following these steps:

  1. Launch BulletVPN and connect to a South African server.
  2. Go to DStv’s official website, and select your package.
  3. Next, head over to https://now.dstv.com/
  4. Click on Sign Up at the center of the page.
  5. Submit your email address, mobile number, and select a password.
  6. On the next page, enter your DStv DStv smartcard number, account holder’s ID number, or DStv customer number.
  7. Click on find my DStv Package.
  8. Open your inbox and confirm your email.
  9. You can now stream DStv wherever you may be.

Please note that you definitely need a phone number in South Africa. If you know anyone that can grant you that, your job is very simple.

How to Get DStv on Any Device Outside South Africa

With a DStv account and a BulletVPN subscription, it’s safe to say that you can now watch DStv wherever you may be. To get the channel on your device, the following steps are required:


To get the DStv app on Android or Android TV, you must follow the walkthrough below:

  1. Download and install BulletVPN on your device.
  2. Sign in with your account and connect to a South African server.
  3. Switch your Google Play Store region to South Africa and get DStv.
  4. Launch the channel and sign in with your account.
  5. Start watching DStv anywhere.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, this is what you need to do:

  1. Get the BulletVPN on your device and connect to a South African server.
  2. Head over to your device’s settings and change your Apple Store region to South Africa.
  3. Download and install the DStv application.
  4. Launch the channel and log in with your credentials.
  5. Enjoy!
Apple TV

When it comes to getting DStv on Apple TV, a few extra steps should be taken:

  1. Install the VPN on your router and connect to a South African server. You can also configure Smart DNS on the device itself.
  2. Change the Apple TV store’s region to South Africa and download the DStv app.
  3. Open DStv, sign in, and start watching.

Smart TV

If you happen to stream your content on Samsung Smart TV, following these steps will instantly grant you access to DStv no matter where you are:

  1. Establish a South African VPN connection on your router or configure Smart DNS on your Samsung TV.
  2. Switch your Samsung TV’s region to South Africa and download the DStv app.
  3. Activate DStv and sign in.
  4. Enjoy all kinds of content wherever you may be.

When it comes to streaming DStv on PC or Mac, your task is a simple one. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Install the BulletVPN app and connect to a South African server.
  2. Open your browser and head over to https://now.dstv.com/
  3. Click Sign in on the top right of the corner.
  4. Enter your credentials and enjoy.

DStv Anywhere – FAQ

Do you want to know more about DStv? Check out this FAQ section for detailed information about the channel:

Can I Watch Live TV on DStv?

Can I Stream Live Sports on DStv?

What Are the Premium Live Channels on DStv?

What Content is Included in DStv’s subscription?

Can I Download DStv Content?

For how Long Are the On-Demand Titles Available?

Does DStv Support HD and 4K?

Can I Pause and Rewind Live Streaming?

How to Unblock DSTV – VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

If you own a premium account but live outside South Africa there’s no reason why you should miss out on all the great content available. Simply choose VPN or Smart DNS to unblock and watch DSTV outside South Africa.

214 thoughts on “[Fixed] How to Watch DSTV Outside South Africa”

  1. Dear agent
    Kindly i lost signals while watching dstv then how would solved to get connected local channels and around the world.would like get more information how or who gonna came assist iam requesting installer reppo thank u.

  2. 24/01/2022 – DSTV not showing on Android TV with BulletVPN..
    BulletVPN support responded to my query, they are currently working on upgrading the Android TV app.

  3. BulletVPN does not work with DSTV. I managed to use it for a short while with a really poor DSTV suportsport live picture. (ShowMax worked well). I tred both the BulletVPN and SmartDNS options. BulletVPN did not offer any solution. I don’t think they have one. Cancelled my one month subscription.

    1. We actually got in touch with BulletVPN about the DSTV problems. They confirmed that they had some issues with DSTV and that those issues were now resolved. We tried accessing DSTV using Bullet VPN and can confirm that things are back to normal now.

  4. Hi there,

    I just downloaded bullet VpN and tried using it but could t get any streams of dstv now to work. New to using Bullet so am I missing a step?

  5. Hi guys. I always used nordVPN with dstvnow app via my ipad or iPhone then cast it to the apple tv. This worked up and till a couple of days ago. I am able to watch dstv on my device but NOT via the apple tv anymore. It says that i am out of region based on IP adress. Do you guys know if apple tv adopted a similar style as to chromecast where the ip of the apple tv is shared rather than the device(phone or ipad)?

    1. As far as I am aware, you do need to either set up a VPN connection or Smart DNS proxies on your router or Apple TV in order to cast to your Apple TV. Have you tried either workarounds?

  6. Hi Charles and everyone? Have you all been having issues with DSTV, I keep getting the error code “per 1 error”. This has been happening for possibly the last month, I use both Bullet VPN and Express and it appears they both keep giving me the same error code when I stream for long periods. Is anyone else having this issue and are there any solutions? It a bit annoying when you are trying to watch the Olympics and the code keeps coming up !

  7. Hi, I have tried using Firefox and Chrome. To no avail, Also tried log in via my mobile phone, and tried to use the browser, still getting a black screen. Can you let me know what your configuration is, that is working for you? BTW I have tried all the DSTV vpns (1-7)

  8. Hi, Is DSTV still working with BulletVPN? I am just getting a black screen when i try to play any of the Live TV

  9. Hi Charles,

    For some reason, I am unable to reply to your post for yesterday the 17/6/21. But to answer your question, yes I am still having the same problem.

    Any ideas on how to fix it ?

  10. Hi Everyone,

    I’ve been having issues with my DSTV for the last week (yes am using Bullet VPN), everytime I try to watch something, within two minutes of watching I keep getting “code PER 1” on other occasions it asks me to “check my internet settings” even when my internet is perfectly fine.

    Has anyone else been having this issue when they try to watch any channel on DSTV?

    1. Hello Aubrey. There was a minor issue that the BulletVPN crew has since fixed. Are you still having the same problems at the moment?

  11. Is anyone having problems accessing dstv with nord VPN? I have not watched since June 5th. Getting error code: PER 1

  12. Hi – I also have the same issue of a “white screen” – even waiting and waiting, nothing is happening. It actually also says on the bar as “not secure”: but trying to change that through confirming the certificates, it still remains to be a white screen… Any idea?

  13. Hi Charles
    I am no longer able to access the DSTV page and I only get a white screen to going to the DSTV Site (while using Bullet, also tried Express VPN).
    Please help!

    1. Hello Yolandi. Sometimes it may take a bit for the homepage to load but it’s all smooth sailing from there. Try waiting just a few seconds and see if you can get in.

  14. Hi Charles,

    Thanks for your earlier reply in Feb.
    However have just logged on today for the first time in a while via Bullet VPN and seems that DSTV have now cracked down on this VPN too. Only error codes showing up sadly!

    Same your side?


  15. Aubrey Chisanga

    Hi Charles ?

    My DSTV now has not been working with bullet vpn from the 12 yesterday till today, am getting error code messages.

    Is everyone else having this problem ?

  16. Hi,
    Is anyone else having problems accessing DSTV via bullet VPN ? I’ve not had DSTV from yesterday the 12 till today ?

    1. Hi there. Absolutely. In fact, BulletVPN is one of the few, if not the only, VPNs that actually work with DSTV.

  17. Matthew Parkhurst

    Hi All hope well.

    Have been using Nord VPN here in Germany for DSTV for ages, yet overnight, I now get a white screen of death….All other websites load, except for the DSTV Now page :(

    Anyone else suffering? Or any solutions?


  18. I have always been able to access DSTV Now when I’m working in the Middle East, using ExpressVPN. Now I only get a blank white screen when I try. No message or anything. The VPN is working – I can access other websites.
    I’m guessing this means DSTV have managed to block such remote access? Any suggestions?

  19. Hi, I can no longer load the DStv now webpage or app. Webpage just doesn’t load and app says “ please check internet connection and try again” which results in nothing. This happens regardless wether connected to bullet VPN or not. Internet and VPN most definitely do work. Not sure if they’ve managed to block my MAC address? If that is even possible?
    Anyone else with same problem?

  20. Seems like Dstv is at it again as most of the BulletVPN servers struggled to connect today, even the ones that managed to connect, you’d be getting the streaming limit exceeded error very frequently.

    Perhaps because it’s another busy weekend of football activities.

    1. Hi Willy

      Is this an error related to the number of devices you use with Dstv or different? Can you send the exact text ? I could only find the below online, to is a dstv sibscription related error and it does not seem to be VPN related :
      Streaming Limit Reached

      Only 2 simultaneous viewing streams allowed across all registered devices. You will need to stop one of the streams you’re watching on another device to continue watching here.

  21. NordVPN works with DSTV (on Mac) – must change connection type to use UDP. Seems like it’s stopped on Amazon Fire TV sadly

  22. Hello!

    I am using expressVPN, but i keep on getting the geo-location error. I am in the netherlands but i haven’t had issues for the pst two years. I’ve tried both chrome and safari, but no success. Any suggestions?

    1. Based on our user feedback and our own tests BulletVPN is the only working service for now that reliably supports BulletVPN

  23. Hi Charles. I just paid now based on your recommendation but no luck. All 15 servers are down.
    Whatsup? When last did you use bullet vpn.

  24. I just tried with Bullet VPN on my phone, but I still get the server error 500 on my phone.
    What should I do get to get it working?

    1. Sorry guys, It’s working now with Server 1 on BulletVPN
      But the current issue I now have is that I can’t cast to my Tv as I used to do with ExpressVPN before,
      The cast option seems not to be working with both BulletVPN and Unlocator.
      Does anyone have a solution or fix for this?

        1. Hello Charles, Do you mean Server 3 allows casting (from phone to TV)?
          Because that’s the issue I currently have, of which I don’t normally have it while ExpressVPN was working well for this stuff.

              1. I use this COX Panaramic Wifi Router, I’ve gone through all the admin features, I couldn’t find anything like OpenVPN there. Any way forward now?

                1. It might be the case that your router doesn’t natively support VPN. On which device/s do you wish to access DSTV?

                  1. Basically I make use of my samsung phone (which work s with ExpressVPN before). I couldn’t get the Dstv Now app on my Samsung Smart TV. So, either of me being able to cast from my phone to the TV or getting the router configured for the VPN is exactly what I wanted for now.

                  2. Charles, I could access the Dstv Now on my phones, but it is like BulletVPN doesn’t allow the casting to TV screen from the phone, unlike ExpressVPN.

                    1. Hello Willy. Just had a chat with BulletVPN support. What they basically suggested is setting up their Smart DNS proxy service on both your phone and Smart TV and then trying to cast DSTV to it. In case you need further help, give BulletVPN support a shout.

  25. Are the South African Servers up and running, having issues connecting to all the SA servers apart from 11 & 25, and when i connect to those i get the error message “unable to play the video right now” using bullet vpn. I have put in a support requesting hoping they will respond soon. Just wondering whether any one else are having issues?

  26. Is there any issues with the south african servers today? Cannot connect to any of them except for 11 and 25, and when i manage to connect to 11 and 25, i get the message “something went wrong” message.

  27. Aubrey Chisanga

    Hi Charles and everyone !
    My dstv is no longer working with Bullet VPN all 15 servers are down.
    Is anyone else experiencing the same

    1. Hi
      They had a hiccup yesterday and bounced back within an hour. I just tested it based on your input and it works. I think it is best you contact their support about your specific issue. Let me know if they can’t resolve it.

  28. Good morning. Signed up with BulletVPN as recommended and all was working perfectly until yesterday. Have same issue as before now. Are you experiencing similar problem with BulletVPN and DSTV now?
    best regards

      1. That’s great to hear. I did get in touch with them as well and they did recommend trying a different server for anyone having issues accessing DSTV while using Bullet VPN.

    1. Hi Garth. As stated by other readers, you need to switch to a different South African VPN server from within the BulletVPN app.

  29. Aubrey Chisanga

    Hi Charles,

    Dont know if your aware of anyone has noticed but it seems that BulletVPN has stopped working for DSTV as of this morning. Is anyone else having the same problem, and any suggestions Charles?

    1. Hi Lynn. It seems server 1 has been blocked. Simply connect to a different South African VPN server and you should be able to watch DSTV from abroad again.

        1. You’re right. There was an issue with DSTV and I contacted Bullet VPN support about it. They managed to fix it quickly and all is good again now. I am using the DSTV 1 server at the moment.

          1. It still doesn’t work.

            I have been in contact with support as well – no luck.

            In the last 24-48 hours +, the south Africa servers have not worked.

            Support just keeps saying “working on it” and no updates.

            1. Hi Dino. I’ve just contacted BulletVPN’s support to notify them about the issues you’re still facing. They suggested that you contact them and mention The VPN Guru in the subject of your email or contact form.

          2. I have today tried all the za servers and the new dstv servers on bullet and it seems they are been actively monitored and blocked now. Yesterday I was able to get onto dstv now on JHB 11. But this morning its not working. All i want to be able to do is keep up with the SA News. Not sure if any other solutions out there, I was on express but that also got blocked.

            1. Hi. Sorry to hear that. I’ve just tried watching DSTV live and on-demand content to check whether it is still working or not. I can confirm it still works. I suggest you contact BulletVPN’s support and mention The VPN Guru in the subject.

              1. Thanks Charles, I tried now again and its working. Strange as the past week been up and down. I am sure DSTV are monitoring :)

  30. Aubrey Chisanga

    Hi Charles.

    I was with expressVPN before and kept getting error 500 for almost a month. Followed your instructions and now am back streaming DSTV.
    Thank you for your instructions. You are a legend!

      1. Using Bullet VPN

        All 15 South Africa servers can’t enable me to watch DSTV (big Brother)

        Getting same error like when I was using ExpressVPN

    1. Is dstv now working via Bulletvpn outside of SA today or this week? Mine has not been working since yesterday 15 July. Any news guys?

      1. Hi Gerhard, I can confirm BulletVPN is working with DSTV outside SA. Get in touch with the support team and they will certainly sort your issue out.

    2. Bullet VPN as at 15th July seems to have developed the same challenge as the other VPN’s. Is there an alternative to resolving this DSTV issue?

  31. Hi Charles
    I experienced the same problem accessing DSTV from Canada after July 11. I have now signed up with BulletVPN and everything is working great.
    Thanks a lot!!

        1. Hi Charles.
          I too was using NordVPN until a few days ago and it stopped working for DSTV. I can tell you though that PureVPN is awesome on PC and IPAD and works perfectly, I tried it when NordVPN stopped working. The problem I have is that their android app has limited countries and South Africa isn’t on it. Can you confirm if this bulletVPN works on an android TV box for DSTV?

          1. Hi there, I can say it works on Android. I have not tested an android tv box, but it should work though. Give it a shot, you can always use the 30 day money back guarantee if needed. But so far none of the readers complained about BulletVPN and DSTV

        1. Hi Alinux
          I contacted Express VPN and tried all their suggestions but none worked. They said to leave it with them to resolve and after a couple of days they sorted it out. I am in Dubai and watching DSTV right now! I suggest that you contact ExpressVPN support.

          1. i spoke too soon! DSTV via ExpressVPN off again and their support response was that they would consider this feature request for future versions. Cheers ExpressVPN, BulletVPN here I come!

  32. DSTV NOW- error 500

    From 11 June 2020 I can no longer watch DSTV via a Express VPN. I see that there have been a couple of comments on this matter. But any solutions as yet and reasons ??
    Kind regards

    1. Charles, can you confirm that DSTV Now has actively restricted VPN streaming as a company policy. I appreciate the Bullet VPN statement, however how long will this solution last if DSTV now is targeting to stop VPN streaming

      1. Hello Gerald. There’s nothing official to confirm my suspicion. However, it wouldn’t be the first time that a streaming service has actively begun blacklisting the IP addresses of various VPN servers.

      1. I can confirm BulletVPN is currently working with DSTV. I’m periodically testing it as well just to make sure it doesn’t suddenly get blocked.

  33. Im having a problem with dstv showing error 500 on my dstv app and on laptop it says unable to play video the error is on dstvs side..any ideas why ?? I am using expressvpn connected to south africa servers… for 2 years and had no problems until now spoke to dstv live chat they cant seem to help me ive did all the steps they told me to do aswell still no luck.

    1. We are at least 7 people in Bahrain having the same problem all of a sudden! PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF SOMEONE FINDS THE SOLUTION!

    2. When I read this, DStv must have blocked all VPN addresses, From the Netherlands exactly the same problem with ExpressVPN, I watched from the 2nd of May this year and suddenly the same error as you all guys.
      It says you have to download the app from the appstore, but thats a new problem, cause DStv App is not available in the Netherlands and if you try to download it with the VPN connection then its also not possible, cause you can’t connect with a foreign server to the local appstore…

      So have any a suggestion?…

  34. Gary Pretorius

    Hi Charles. Please check your DSTV app as this does not work anymore. I don’t know whether DSTV have changed something.
    Your advice please. Just check if you can watch anything or whether you also have the following message
    “We’re Sorry, Something went wrong. Please wait and try again in a few minutes”

    This has been going on for a day

      1. Hi
        I’m using ExpressVPN and still the message “Video Authorisation error” “Server Error 500” since yesterday. Any idea whats going on?

      2. Hi Charles

        Tried VPN Express and Nord.
        Everything was working until yesterday
        Charles see if you can stream anything from the DSTV Now App or on a browser.
        If you manage let me know how you did it. You can email me if you wish

      3. Hi Charles
        Just checking whether you got my reply?
        As I said you can email me if you want to keep off public forum



      4. Clynton Thoresson

        I get the same issue when trying to play anything streaming from DSTVNow. Used to work fine until two days ago. I use NordVPN.

    1. I used Nord VPN for the past few years in Norway with Dstv and since 11 June 2020 it stopped working. Even tried express vpn same problem. So I suspect that DStv changes something. Anybody that can help us or give advice?

    2. Hi Charles,
      I must presume that by your silence, that the VPN as a DSTV “fix” does no longer work?
      And that you have not found a solution!


      1. Hi Gary, I’m running into the same issues right now and I’ve contacted ExpressVPN support. They’re working on a fix as we speak.

        1. Thanks Charles. Please keep us updated.
          I was also in contact with ExpressVPN the whole of yesterday and after exhausting all avenues they said they would ask their engineers to look at it.
          Please contact us as soon as there is a solution

        2. I’m experiencing the same. Can’t access Dstb app with Express VPN. Keeps on giving me the 500 error code message

        3. Hi Charles,

          I am experiencing the same issue using Expressvpn. Have contacted their support however they have not been able to provide an answer or assistance, simply advising me to add browser extensions and try connecting to a different location . Do you perhaps have any news or answers? Will they be able to find a fix so that we can stream DSTV again?

        4. Howzit Charles
          Hope your weekend is good.
          Any progress on the solution from the techno genius’s at VPN

          Warm Regards


        5. Zach Mendelsohn

          Hi Charles, any news on DSTV and VPN’s been trying to connect from London for about 6 weeks. TIA

    3. Hi Gary, Do we have an answer / solution for the vpn issue? We using NordVPN, getting same error as you mentioned

  35. Hi Charles,
    Have been experiencing lately ” Video Authorisation error” message “Error 500” with the DSTV Now app when I try to connect to any channel. Using Express VPN….Have you experienced the same? and if not do you have any idea what could be the issue.

  36. Hi Charles, any advice on how to watch on an iPad with a UK Apple ID? The DSTV Now app no longer seems to be available on the UK AppStore?

  37. Hi I’m in the UK, installed Surfshark VPN on my pure Android TV module, which has got DSTV Now already installed. It shows all the Catch up content, but only SABC 1 and 2 live for all the other channels an error message appears saying “something went wrong retry in a few minutes” Have I missed a trick?

  38. Hie, i am in South Africa, with a dstv decoder which is written ISO20(exclud South Africa). I cant have it work. How can i make it work in South Africa. Help me

  39. Hi Charles – Great site. Maybe you can help, I have been using the unlocater dns services to access dstv now app from the UK on my Nvida shield , but this have recently stopped working. Have you had any issues with express vpn recently as might test this out.

    1. Hi Steve. Regarding Unlocator, I sometimes have minor issues when attempting to unblock certain channels while using their Smart DNS proxy service. However, their support crew almost always sort it out quickly. Have you tried contacting them?

  40. Good day Charles. I live in Ireland. If I get ExpressVPN and install the app on my Samsung Smart TV, and change the region/location to South Africa to use the DSTV app, will my normal TV package, Netflix and other streaming apps still work? Or would I have to change the region/location every time I switch over?

    1. Netflix will definitely work. However, when you change your Samsung TV region, you will lose access to other streaming services as they will disappear from the channel list.

      1. Thank you, so if I change my region/location back to Ireland on ExpressVPN, will my normal TV package and other streaming service work as normal, or would I need to re-install it? I would just like to confirm, I have Netflix for Ireland, will this be influenced?

        1. Your Netflix subscription will not be affected. In case you connect to an American VPN server though, you will be able to watch American Netflix.

          1. Great, thanks! And another thing, so if I change my region/location back to Ireland on ExpressVPN, after making it South Africa for DSTV streaming, will my normal TV package and other streaming services work as normal, or would I need to re-install it?

  41. Hi! If I install the expressvpn on my smart tv and set ot to south africa, will my normal tv package (which is not south african based) and other services like netflix still work as normal, or would I have to change it everytime I want to watch dstv?

    1. Hello David. A couple of questions. What’s the manufacturer of your Smart TV and have you already installed the DSTV app on it?

      1. We have a Samsung Smart TV, and we have not yet installed DSTV on the TV, I wanted to wait to set up the ExpressVPN first.

        1. We have a Samsung Smart TV, and we have not yet installed DSTV on the TV, I wanted to wait to set up the ExpressVPN first. But we may consider getting NORD of IPVanish, still doing a bit of homework on which one. We would just like to confirm that our other packages will still work normally.

  42. I have been trying dstv using Nord vpn but never succeeded. After reading your comments above l tried to use express vpn but still couldn’t break through.Does it mean that am totally blocked?

  43. When I move to Mauritius will i be able to watch DSTV in Mauritius on my smart TV linked to fibre?
    My daughter has DSTV premium in SA, Can I piggy back of her subscription or do i keep my subscription going?

  44. Im in Mongolia now and have a lot of trouble watching DStv now with Express Vpn. I’m using a relatively new Iphone 8. Guys with Samsungs dont have any problems. Can you please assist with the setup of my Iphone , as i’m sure there is something wrong. Thanks for your assistance.

  45. Hey Guys

    I am in Vietnam and I have downloaded VPNExpress but I am still getting the error “Not available in your region”.

    I have tried clearing all browsing history and cache and even downloaded a different web browser but still getting the error.

    Is there anyway around this? I really want it working for the world cup!

    All help would be greatly appreciated!


    1. Hi there
      Most channels like DSTV do block certain VPN servers. But VPN providers like ExpressVPN that have a huge network “1000+ IPs” always have servers that work. You have to make sure you are using the correct server. Please contact ExpressVPN support. We would mention which servers those are, but the servers change from time to time. Please let us know how it goes

  46. Hi All,
    I installed NordVpn this morning and connected and logged into DSTVNow successfully but whenever I attempt to play a program it comes back with an error saying try again later.
    Is it advisable to try ExpressVPN?

  47. Haven’t had success with chromecast. I’ve set up NordVPN on 2nd router but my TV won’t show up as a device when I’m connected to the 2nd router’s wifi network. How can I get the chromecast to work with VPN?

    1. You are almost there. For starters, you don’t really need your tv to show, you need the chromecast to show. To do so, connect to your second router on your laptop and then launch the chromecast configuration tool, and set up chromecast to use the WiFi of the second router, once you do that , you should be able to cast from Devices connected to the second router

  48. Thanks so much for all your help. I bought a Linksys 3200ACM and running ExpressVPN through that and it is working a dream with both KAYO Sports from Australia and DSTV from South Africa – picture clarity HD and no buffering. Happy as can be

  49. Chris apologies for the duplicate posting previously did not realize the first comment posted.

    Is it possible to setup ExpressVPN on a AT&T Pace 5268AC router?

    1. With so many router models out there I really can not tell, but you could ask ExpressVPN’s support. I do have a workaround though, you could easily add a second router to your network which is VPN compatible. You keep your existing router, and connect a VPN compatible router preferably a DD-WRT model “as cheap as USD 30”, then you connect that router through the WAN port to the LAN port of your AT’T router. You end up with two WIFI signals, one is your regular AT’T with no VPN connection, and the second one is your DD-WRT with a VPN connection, the other benefit is that you can choose what devices use VPN and what not easily using this approach. The whole approach is transparent to your home devices as they connect through the DD-WRT WIFI signal, so any device you want would be VPN enabled.

  50. Thanks Chris.
    So using ExpressVPN through the app they provide won’t work – it doesn’t but just want to make sure it is nothing else I am doing wrong.
    With setting up ExpressVPN on the Router is it easy to toggle it on and off as I only use the VPN to watch sports. Thanks Chris

    1. You could possibly take another route. You could try to setup the ExpressVPN Smart DNS service, it just needs a small tweak on your router and you would only be sending a small fraction of your traffic through the VPN provider, namely media services. The rest of the traffic is unaffected. The procedure does differ from VPN provider to the second. Talk with their support about this. preferably a ticket not live chat, it is easier to track the steps that way.

  51. I love watching DSTV from the USA through Express VPN and have no issues at all.

    I am now trying to use Chromecast to watch DSTV on my TV however everytime I have tried to share to Chromecast both through the mobile app or my MacBook I get an error with media error.

    DSTV say they support Chromecast so I can only think it has something to do with the VPN connection. I use the ExpressVPN app to connect first and then log into DSTV.

    Any assistance would be awesome.

    I get the same issue logging into my Australian KAYO app when using Chromecast and they too say they support it. So not sure if Chromecast some how also does a IP check? How do I get around this please?

    1. Hello Greg. In order to get the Chromecast to work properly, you need to set up the VPN connection on your router. If you haven’t done yet, take a look at this guide.

  52. Waseem Jeenah

    Has Dstv upgraded the app for Android tv?
    On my mibox using express vpn. If I connect via South Africa. Dstv says region not supported. But if I route to Kenya it’s fine. However using my iPhone I can use express and South Africa location and stream Dstv now using l.

    Very weird

  53. Unlocator STOPPED working a week ago. Their support is USELESS, telling me it’s on DSTV’s side, yet my Nord VPN works without any issues. So it’s NOT on DSTV’s side, it’s Unlocator not working. And they won’t look into getting it fixed, as they maintain it’s got nothing to do with their DNS servers. How come NORD VPN works without fail???? I think it’s time for me to move away from Unlocator. Their support only pays “lip service” and does nothing to help fix the issue….

  54. Hi I have installed Unilocator and connected to its JHB server but DSTV still says it does not support my location? Does it have something to do with my Ipad or Apple ID ? I dont understand whyu it wont work

    1. Hello Craig. I’m currently using Unlocator to watch DSTV outside ZA without any issues. Try contacting Unlocator support. They will certainly help you out.

  55. Anyone Else been having issues in the last 3 weeks since dstv now changed the look of their website? I have Express VPN on and i’m still getting the ‘not available in your region’ error after clicking to try stream? Any help would be most useful.

  56. I’m currently in the UAE and I’m unable to watch DSTV Now on my laptop as the application shows the service not being available in this country. Have the Premium bouquet active at home still running.

  57. Can I stream DSTV if the DSV NOW APP is loaded under my cell number in SA and not my email adress, with the VPN or Unblocker

  58. You need to make sure you have a South African Device for it to work overseas. You can not watch it on your friends Device overseas even with a VPN if the Device you view it on is not SA registered.

  59. Hi,
    I recently relocated from South Africa to Kenya and still have my bouquet paid for another 3 month. I can view DSTV now on my laptop but cannot connect it onto a smart TV using the dish. I keep getting an error 106-9 which cannot be cleared as I am outside South Africa. How can I bypass Geo location and set up using the dish. Do I need different color figuration settings for this?

  60. Hi Isso – when last did you watch a live match/game on Supersport using a VPN and outside of Africa? Because a VPN used to work for me, but now the live games freeze, dont load or come up with an error message.

    If it still works for you (25 Jan 2017), please tell me your setup? Which VPN, browser etc do you use? And do you clear cookies or any other steps?


  61. I tried dstv live and catchup using hola on mozilla, on ms edge and on chrome and i didn’t get blocked but the player froze with some error number. In SA it works fine. So is the use of vpn detected?

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