How to Watch Grand National 2023 Live Online

Anyone who is into horse racing and placing bets will take an interest in the 2023 Grand National. The legendary race is taking place on the 15th of April, 2023, at Aintree Racecourse near Liverpool, England, and ITV is broadcasting it live. Now, due to geo-restrictions, those who are not in the UK won’t be able to watch it.

Watch Grand National 2023 Live Online
How to Watch Grand National 2023 outside the UK

The horses participating in the Grand National are trained to perfection, and there is nothing like watching a rider and his horse move as a unit past our throbbing hearts and pocket-reaching hands.

But, enough of that, let’s get on with the good stuff. Geo-restrictions are a pain, and we’re here to relieve you from it. So, without further ado, here’s how you can stream The 175th Grand National live anywhere in the world.

Watch Grand National 2023 Live – Quick Guide

Time needed: 4 minutes

The Grant National is near, and the three-day Festival is taking place at the Aintree Racecourse. We’re sure that you don’t want to miss anything. So, here are the steps needed to stream it online:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service.

    Make sure they have a good variety of UK servers.

  2. Get the VPN client and install it on your device.

    Compatible clients are mostly on major operating systems such as Android, iOS, PC, and Mac.

  3. Open the software and sign in.

    Once the account opens, head over to the server list.

  4. Connect to a UK server.

    This will grant you a British IP address.

  5. Launch ITVX’s website or application.

    We’ll teach you how to get it on any device later on.

  6. Sign in with your ITV account.

    We included a step-by-step account creation process.

  7. Enjoy the 2023 Grand National anywhere.

    Watch one of the most exciting horse races in the world live.

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What You Need

To watch this year’s Grand National, you’ll need everything on the list below:

  • A credible VPN provider.
  • An ITV account.
  • An ITV-compatible device.

ITV’s Broadcast – UK Only

The Grand National is considered the pinnacle of horse racing by many. It will see the best horses from around the world compete against each other on the 15th of April, 2023, at Aintree Racecourse near Liverpool, England.

In the UK, ITV will broadcast the whole horse racing event free live online. Unfortunately for horse racing fans, ITV is geo-blocked outside the UK.

Geo-blocking is mainly used to protect copyrights. Channels and websites can determine your location by checking your IP address. If you happen to be outside the service’s coverage area, your access will be instantly denied.

For example, ITV only operates within UK borders, which means that it requires a British IP address. If you’re overseas, you’ll be approaching the channel with a foreign IP address, resulting in the following errors:

  • Outside the UK? Due to our broadcast and content licences, you can only watch ITVX in the UK. Error code: 01-04″
    ITVX Error
  • “This video isn’t available right now. Error code: 01-01”
    ITVX Error 2

ITV is one of the most popular streaming channels in the UK, reaching 34.2m viewers a week (nearly 56% of all TV viewers).

You yourself, no matter where you reside, can join those millions as well. If you want to avoid getting the errors above and stream the Grand National in Spain, Australia, the USA, Canada, or anywhere else outside the UK, you’ll need to follow the steps above.

A VPN’s Benefits

Your geolocation controls what you see online. Since its the main issue, spoofing your location with a VPN is the best option.

A VPN takes all of your data coming from where you are located and puts it through a private digital tunnel. Next, your data ends in a server in a country of your choosing.

In other words, you will no longer appear to be located in the previous location, resulting in gaining access to all the content in that location. A

Also, through that tunnel, your data receives the ultimate encryption so that it won’t be accessed by anyone. The VPN keeps your data under wraps, and we’re not talking here about a horse held back from running at top speed.

ExpressVPN is an incredibly strong and robust VPN that can be easily operated. While it’s not the cheapest, it’s the best in the business. It’s ideal for unblocking overseas content.

Not only are the servers optimized for streaming, but the speeds are incredible. You can make use of other best VPN services for ITV for the 2023 Grand National live online.

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  • High speed servers in 160 VPN locations
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  • Split-tunneling available

A VPN Alternatieve – Smart DNS

Getting around geo-restrictions is basically what a Smart DNS does best. You can bet it has mind-blowing unblocking capabilities.

However, when discussing security features between a VPN and Smart DNS, it’s clearly a one-horse race. A Smart DNS cannot compare to a VPN with its security measures and standards. For starters, VPNs encrypt users’ data and stuff them with protocols to ensure their protection.

On the other hand, a Smart DNS just redirects this data through a server so that it looks like the user is in a different location.

With Smart DNS, the IP address stays the same, public, unchanged, and very visible. But, one thing’s for sure, you get to stream content at high speeds no matter where you are. Check out how:

The reason why we choose Unlocator is because of its fast performance, easy setup, low prices, and great compatibility.

Additionally, it was the only Smart DNS proxy service that actually allowed us to try its features for free (a 7-day free trial).

The other VPN providers on the list above do offer Smart DNS, but they either don’t have free trials or provide short ones.

Create an ITV Account Outside the UK

While ITVX is completely free (ad-supported), you won’t be able to access its content without having a valid account. We’ll also be helping you with that. To create an account from outside the UK, follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, go to ITV’s official website.
  2. Next, choose “Sign in.”
    ITVX 1
  3. Select Register Now.
    ITVX 2
  4. Submit your email address and a password of your choosing, then click Continue.ITVX 3
  5. Enter the asked-for details and hit Next.ITVX 4
  6. Enter the needed details and proceed.ITVX 5
  7. You’re asked to enter a postcode. Use “WC1X 0AA.”ITVX 6
  8. You now have an ITVX account. Verify through your email.ITVX 7
  9. Enjoy the Grand National.

How to Get ITV on Any Device Outside the UK

Creating an account might not need that much work, but getting the app itself does. So, here’s how you can get ITV on any device wherever you are:


Some users prefer to watch their content on their mobiles, and it’s completely possible with ITV once you know what to do.

If you’re operating an Android, you need to connect to a UK server, change your Google Play Store’s region to the UK, and get ITV.

On the other hand, if you’re using iOS, change your Apple Store region to the UK, and download ITVX. That’s it.

Samsung TV

Samsung Smart TVs are not natively compatible with VPN clients. Instead, you can either set the VPN on your router or configure Smart DNS on your TV.

Once this is done, change your Store’s region to the UK and download ITV. Finally, sign in with your account and enjoy.


Do you own a Fire TV device? Then all you have to do is get the VPN application on your Fire Stick, connect to a UK server, then change your Amazon Account’s region to the UK.

After that, you get to download ITVX and watch the Grand National anywhere. As an alternative, you could always sideload the app directly.


PC and Mac are the easiest devices to get ITV on. All you need to do is connect to a UK VPN server, visit the service’s website, and start watching.

Apple TV

On Apple TV, you can either configure Smart DNS on the device or establish a VPN connection on your router.

Then, you have to change your Apple TV’s region, download ITV, and start streaming.


If you have a Chromecast device with ITVX pre-installed, all you have to do is set up a UK VPN connection on your router.

If not, you won’t be able to download the app, so you’d have to get it on your mobile device. After that, select your video and cast it on your TV through Chromecast.

The Grand National 2023 – FAQ

But wait, there’s more. The following section has everything you need to know about the upcoming Grand National race:

When Will the 2023 Grand National Begin?

Where will the Grand National Be Held?

Can I Watch the Grand National for Free?

What Grand National Edition is this?

Can I Watch the Grand National on Kodi?

The 2023 Grand National Live – Parting Words

The Grand National is coming, and now, you’re all set to stream the epic race live wherever you might be residing.

Hopefully, this tutorial has helped all of your horse racing fanatics stream the Grand National anywhere in the world. For more inquiries about how to avoid geographic restrictions, feel free to comment down below.


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