Unblock TNT Drama outside USA Watch TV Shows via VPN DNS Proxy

Turner Network Television Drama, aka TNT Drama, is one of the most popular providers of content including movies, TV shows, and live TV in the USA. Their content is updated daily for you to have the latest episodes and movies to stream on demand. However TNT Drama is geo-restricted outside USA.  If you are an American expat in Mexico, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Japan, or France, you will not have access to TNT Drama TV shows.. What you can do though is use a service that will unblock TNT Drama overseas. These services are VPN and Smart DNS Proxy, and both of these are known to function quite well. TNT Drama can be watched on many streaming devices including your PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone.

How to Unblock TNT Drama outside USA Watch TV Shows

How to Unblock TNT Drama outside USA Watch TV Shows

How to Watch TNT Drama outside USA using VPN

Let us start off with using VPN as our first method to bypass the geographical restrictions by TNT Drama. VPN only needs to change your device’s IP address to modify your virtual location. When you do this, the servers will be tricked into thinking that your device is situated in the US.

  • Make yourself acquainted with the top VPN providers available and choose a quality VPN service that works with your needs and requirements.
  • Install the app that comes with the VPN service on any device that you would want to be streaming on. VPN’s support many devices including your PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.
  • When you connect to a VPN server, you add an extra layer of security and privacy to your browsing or streaming activities. This is because all your information will become encrypted and hence no one including your ISP can track it.

Use ExpressVPN if you want to unblock and watch TNT Drama outside USA. This service has a thirty day return policy for you to return the service at any time if it does not fit your requirements or needs. You can opt for other VPN services to bypass regional restrictions as well.

VPN Provider
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  • 3 extra months free on annual plan
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  • Free Smart DNS proxy
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  • Extensions for Firefox and Chrome
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How to Unblock TNT Drama outside USA using Smart DNS Proxy

Alternatively, you can use Smart DNS Proxy to watch TNT Drama overseas. This method also works for unblocking content on TNT Drama. It requires you to be able to modify your network settings, so be prepared for that. Once you have changed the DNS server addresses on your streaming devices, you will be able to watch TNT Drama, ABC GO, Hulu, HBO GO, and other geoblocked American channels outside USA.

  • When you use Smart DNS Proxy, your Internet speed does not change.
  • Here comes the problem, and that is that your ISP can use DNS hijacking or transparent proxies which might potentially stop you from unblocking TNT Drama using a Smart DNS.
  • Smart DNS is compatible with all streaming devices. This includes PC, Mac, Android, iOS devices, Apple TV, and Smart TV.

Unlocator is a Smart DNS Proxy service that helps you watch TNT Drama outside USA. This service has a free one week trial. Unlocator comes along with guides and videos on how to setup the service.

Compatible Devices for TNT Drama

These are the devices on which you can stream TNT Drama:

  • PC and Mac
  • Android
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod
  • Windows Phone

Unblock TNT Drama outside USA with VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

Both Smart DNS and VPN allow you to unblock and watch TNT Drama outside USA. Smart DNS Proxy has a faster but less secure connection. VPN has a more secure but slower connection. In either case, you will be able to unblock and watch TNT Drama and catch up with your favorite TV shows outside USA.

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