Get WWE Network in UK & Canada – How to Watch Outside USA

UPDATE : Confirmed working in Canada ‘”also in Quebec and you get the full USA version, not the crippled Canada version”, Australia,Germany and UK. WWE have just launched their own network, it is a network solely focused on World Wrestling Entertainment, from 24×7 coverage, it is an Internet based streaming service which you can subscribe to at 9.99 a month at 6 month minimum, but you can cancel after one month to get just Wrestlemania or the likes.

Having said that, WWE Network is not available outside the USA for now. If you want to subscribe and watch Royal Rumble, Smack Down Raw,WCW,ECW,Extreme Rules,Warrior Week “RIP Ultimate Warrior” and 1000s of hours of WWE you have to use either VPN or a Smart DNS Proxy.

All the needed info and help is in the guide below on how to avoid getting blocked by WWE Network!

Watch WWE Network outside the USA on all devices

Watch WWE Network outside the USA on all devices

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

How To Watch WWE Network Outside The USA – Royal Rumble coming up 25th of Jan

So you want to watch Randy Orton, Tripple H or you have some Hulkmania Nostalgia. Your problem is that your in the UK,Australia, Germany or any where but the USA. A show like RAW, Smack Down or Money in the bank are great shows to kill some time. BUT, since WWE Network is NOT supported outside the USA, you have to rely on your local provider for WWE Action. What adds insult to injury is that WWE Network supports these devices “Iphone,Ipad,Ipod,Apple TV,Android,Playstation,Xbox360,Amazon Kindle Fire HD,Xbox One, laptop MAC/PC” which means you could virtually enjoy WWE from anywhere including long bus rides, or lunch breaks.  But you probably know all of that and you just want to know how to get the action :) !

Watch WWE Network Outside USA Using VPN

If you use VPN a.k.a Virtual Private Network you can probably watch any US show now just the WWE Network shows. A VPN creates a virtual tunnel between your device and the VPN server. This virtual tunnel will encrypt and protect your traffic and it will change the origin location of the traffic. If the server is in the USA this means all your traffic will appear to be coming from the USA.  This means that all other US sites such as NFL, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video will be unlocked as well. Depending on your VPN provider you will get loads of other countries to choose from as well. The downside is that you have to configure each device individually, unless you have a VPN enabled home router. Additionally, if you chose a cheap or bad VPN provider your Internet speed will suffer. I personally use a provider called Express VPN, they sport good support and great speeds. Additionally,  they do  have apps that make it really easy to setup your VPN on all devices If you just want to support a couple of devices and want to get all content from one country  VPN is what you need.

The top 3 VPN providers to watch WWE Network outside US are as follows.

Last Updated Today  
VPN Provider
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  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Apps For All Your Devices
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Watch WWE Network Outside USA Using Smart DNS Proxies

A Smart DNS Proxy on the other hand will work on all devices by simply changing the DNS IPs on your router “If your router supports VPN then you can get the same result”. The main difference is that your Internet speeds wont get affected as only supported channels ( around 90 in total ) such as Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC Iplayer and WWE-Network are redirected. So local channels will still work as your local IP is not changing. As of now, Unlocator is the only Smart DNS Proxy provider that actually support WWE-Network at the time of writing. Given that they supported WWE Network from day one speaks volumes.Setup is really easy, See Video and Picture guides for Smart DNS setup of devices here.  The main problem with Smart DNS proxies is that they are not resistant to DNS Hijacking and Transparent proxies by design. This is why you either have to choose VPN or change your ISP if you are a victim of either of these two deceptive ISP setups.

Watch WWE Network Outside USA – Enjoy !

So now that you have got the means to achieve your goal of watching WWE Network outside the USA feel free to go ahead and comment back on what it went and whether you tried either of Unlocator or VPN. I hope you will be enjoying a few good finishing moves shortly. Updates to the article below.

Update ! To register you need a US billing address, you can use a zip code 90210 and state California, then go to and choose a local US number. Please do use Paypal for payment if possible, as this will jump over any credit card related geo location hassles.

WATCH WWE Network with Android GPS Fix

See the created article  Android GPS and WWE Network !I did create this blog post due to the many requests on  how to get GPS working to unlock WWE Network on Android devices.

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