How to Install YesPlayer on FireStick

How to download and install YesPlayer on Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick? Whenever you get an opportunity to expand your Fire Stick’s content library, just say Yes, YesPlayer to be exact. The application is one of the best that Android has to offer. At first, I couldn’t get the player on my device. However, I found a way to sideload such apps on FireStick with ease. Do you want to get YesPlayer up and running on your FireStick? Go through this guide and learn how to do so.

How to Install YesPlayer on FireStick

How to Install YesPlayer on FireStick

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Get YesPlayer on FireStick using ES Explorer

To use YesPlayer on your FireStick, you should go through a couple of steps. Shall we check them out together?

1st Step: Get ES File Explorer on Your Fire Stick

  1. Turn on Fire Stick and head straight to Settings and then to System followed by Developer Options.
  2. YesPlayer is not available of FireStick, that’s why you need to Allow Apps from Unknown Sources.FireStick-Unknown-Sources-1
  3. When a notification pops up, click on Turn On.
    Turn On
  4. Use your Fire Stick’s search option and look for ES File Explorer. ES File Explorer Download
  5. Click on the application and hit the Download button.Download FIle Explorer
  6. File Explorer is ready to use. Let’s head over to how you can install YesPlayer.

2nd Step: Get YesPlayer Using ES File Explorer

You now have the means to download YesPlayer on your Fire device. All you need now is to get the app itself, let’s go.

  1. Open File Explorer and navigate to Download Manager. After that, click on Downloader.
    MX Player File Explorer Menu
  2. Select the +New sign on the bottom of the screen.Add New File Explorer
  3. Now, you’re required to submit a path. Enter the following: and tap, “OK.”
  4. Name the file you wish to download. I suggest you use “YesPlayer,” obviously.
  5. Click on the Download Now button.
  6. The file will start to download, wait a few seconds.
  7. After that, head back to your main screen.
  8. Open the YesPlayer app and enjoy it.

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Downloader App Alternative

Downloader is another way to get YesPlayer on your Fire device. It’s really quite simple to use. Let’s see how it all goes down.

First Step: Get “Downloader” on Fire Stick

In order to download the “Downloader app,” you need to follow the same steps as you did with ES File Explorer. Go through the steps until you reach the part where you have to search for the application. After that, do the following:

  1. Look for Downloader in the search engine.Get Downloader
  2. Select the application and hit download.Downloader App
  3. Wait a bit for the process to finalize. Once done, go back to FireStick’s home screen.
  4. Activate the Downloader app and get ready to install YesPlayer.

Second Step: Use Downloader to Install YesPlayer

The tool is in your grasp. Now, let’s get YesPlayer on your FireStick.

  1. Open the Downloader application.
  2. Next, you have to submit a path. Enter: and hit download.
  3. Next, click on the downloaded file to start the installation process.
  4. Once you’ve installed YesPlayer, you need to go back to your Fire Stick’s main page.
  5. You’ll find the YesPlayer app there.
  6. Click on it and start using YesPlayer.

Best VPN for FireStick

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YesPlayer Features

You might ask yourself, why would I use YesPlayer on my FireStick? Well, the application has a lot to offer, especially if you want to stream certain types of videos. Check out what YesPlayer has to offer in terms of features below:

  • Supports multiple video formats ( MP4, MKV, FLV)
  • Supports multiple subtitle formats (VTT, SRT, SSA)
  • Easy to use
  • Simple UI

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YesPlayer on FireStick – Parting Words

You can literally use the Android app, YesPlayer on your FireStick. Not only that but if you want to download other Android applications, you can follow the same steps above. By the way, that includes Youtube and MX Player as well. Now tell me which method did you choose? Was it File Explorer or Downloader? How did your VPN benefit your streaming experience? Share your thoughts. I’ll be more than happy to reply.

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