How to Watch ITV in UAE within Minutes

The biggest disappointment I had when I landed in the UK was my inability to access content from back home like ITV and just about anywhere. Internet freedom is nearly non-existent in the UAE, and users’ online activities are heavily restricted and monitored there. This means they cannot access whatever they please due to geo-restrictions and government laws. Because almost everything is banned in the UAE, I began searching for ways to fix the situation. Many people have tried out a VPN, and it worked phenomenally for them.

Apparently, the biggest and most popular broadcaster in the UK can be viewed in the UAE, and it only takes a couple of minutes to make that happen. With a VPN service provider, UK’s ITV can be accessed from within the UAE almost instantly, here’s how.

How to Watch ITV in UAE

How to Watch ITV in UAE

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How to Watch ITV in UAE Using a VPN

ITV has programmes that cover everything from news and entertainment to sport and drama. Even though ITV is exclusive to UK viewership, this can be changed with a VPN subscription. The number of British expats living in the UAE is large. So, if you’re one of them, then you’ll know how valuable having ITV, where you are, is.

A VPN is this secure encryption tool that creates a safe passage for your data from one server to the other. The first thing that happens upon connecting to a VPN service provider, is the creation of a digital tunnel. This is where your data is going to pass, but no worries, it’s extremely safe. This software manages to encrypt your data and secure it so that no third parties can access it. From that tunnel, the data gets rerouted in a server that is placed in the country you want to be appearing connecting from. Thus, you get to access all the content that is based in that country. Here’s what you need to follow.

  1. Dig up a service provider that would take care of your unblocking practices.
  2. Create a VPN account after downloading the app.
  3. Sign in using the account you made and look for servers.
  4. Locate a UK server and connect to it.
  5. With a British IP address, you’ll appear to be in the UK.
  6. Gain access to ITV while you are in the UAE.

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VPN Benefits

Besides allowing you to bypass restrictions imposed content you want, a VPN anonymizes your identity online. It also allows users to get into this private digital network, remotely share data and info, and surf the internet in an anonymous manner. There’s so much more to what a VPN can do for your online experience, and here’s a few:

  • Escape ISP practices: A VPN stops your Internet Service Providers first from throttling your speed and snooping in on your online activities.
  • Access restricted content: A VPN can you reroute your traffic in a way that will make you appear in a different country and thus access its content.
  • High levels of security: The data that gets rerouted is under tight encryptions and wrapped in tough protocols.
  • Unblock VoIP services: With a VPN, you get to access and use major platforms like Skype, Viber, and Facetime.
  • Escape Censorship: A VPN grants you online anonymity so that you get to access whatever content you desire despite the censorship.
  • Online Anonymity: You get to go online with a different IP address and identity.

Unblock ITV Hub in UAE Using a VPN

Follow the steps we laid out in the article above, and you get to access ITV as if you’re in the UK. With the VPN, you’ll now be able to access any of the British TV services online which includes both free ones and any that you have a valid subscription for.

Make sure you get a look at the best VPN for UAE for additional insight on the provider. Then, tell us what you think in the comment section presented to you below.

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