Watch Payback on WWE Network outside USA

If you want to watch Paypback on WWE Network on 1. June, you will either have a PPV at extortion rates or you can use WWE Network at USD10 per month including all PPVs. WWE Network is only available in the USA. However, what alot of people do not know is that you can get WWE Network in the UK, Australia and Canada or elsehwere using a few simple steps. You will be able to signup and Watch WWE Network online using either VPN or Smart DNS Proxies. I have discussed this before on my blog. Therefore I will list the basics and link to the existing articles on the subject.  
Watch Payback on WWE Network outside USA

Watch Payback on WWE Network outside USA

Watch Payback on WWE Network outside USA – The basics

At this time WWE Network supports Apple TV, Kindle Fire, Playstation 3/4, Roku, Xbox One/360,Iphone,Ipad,Ipod, Android and PC/Mac browsers. Smart DNS supports all these devices, VPN does not support Apple TV and similar TV set boxes, unless you have a VPN enabled router. Smart DNS is very flexible but might not work if you have a very strict ISP. While VPN is very robust but is not supported on all devices as mentioned. Whatever method you choose you will be able to unblock WWE Network and get rid of overpriced PPV through your cable provider. At $10 per month you will get to watch all PPVs such as Wrestlemania, Money In the Bank, Payback, Summerslam and alot of recorded shows such as Warrior Week and cool wrestling games including main events from the early days of WWE up to WM 30.

Watch Payback on WWE Network outside USA – Read on

If you want to know more about these options and choose wisely. Please do see my article on the subject Watch WWE Network Outside USA

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