Unblock Funimation outside USA Watch VPN DNS Proxy

How to unblock Funimation outside USA using VPN or Smart DNS proxy. Funimation is an video-on-demand service that offerss top anime shows and movies. It allows you to watch shows such as Dragon Ball Z,  Fairy Tale, Aria the Scarlet Ammo, Ninja Slayer, GANGSTA., and Hetalia. Funimation is geoblocked outside US. To unblock and watch Funimation in UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, or Japan, use Smart DNS proxy or VPN. Either solution will allow you to bypass regional restrictions.

How to Unblock and Watch Funimation outside USA via VPN and Smart DNS

How to Unblock and Watch Funimation outside USA via VPN and Smart DNS

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Funimation outside USA – Unblock and Watch with VPN

Funimation are planning on expanding their supported regions. However, their content is currently geo-restricted overseas. In order to unblock Funimation outside US, you have to obtain an American IP address. This can be achieved by using VPN. Here’s how you can use VPN to unblock Funimation in UK, Canada, France, Japan, on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android.

  • Register with a VPN provider. ExpressVPN is one of the options.
  • Install VPN on your PC, Android, iPhone, iPad, or Mac. This can be done via your devices network settings. You can also download a VPN app. This makes the VPN setup process easier.
  • Once you have configured VPN on your streaming device, all what’s left to do is connect to a US-based VPN server.
  • Now you can watch Funimation outside US.

Make sure that whichever VPN provider you choose has fast servers in USA. Take a look at the best VPN providers to unblock and watch Funimation outside US.

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Funimation outside US – How to watch with Smart DNS

In order to bypass the region error you get when you try watching Funimation abroad, you have to spoof your online location. Using Smart DNS, you can trick Funimation into thinking you’re located in USA. All this us done without changing your IP address.

Before signing up with any Smart DNS service, check whether they support Funimation or not. Unlocator does support Funimaiton in addition to 213 other geoblocked streaming channels.

How to unblock and watch Funimation outside US

The famous anime shows streaming service might or might not become available outside USA in the future. In any case, you don’t have to wait. Unblock and watch Funimation outside US today using Smart DNS proxy or VPN.

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