Best VPN for MINIX Android TV Box

As media hubs continue to gain increasing popularity, more and more people are getting accustomed to the wide range of entertainment that using an Android-based home entertainment system is able to provide to them. At only a few inches wide, the small box that you get to connect to your monitor or TV provides allows you to stream a host of TV shows, documentaries, movies, news, and live sports broadcasts. All that’s needed to facilitate this is an Internet connection. If you’re keen on the quality of your entertainment, you could opt for Ultra HD 4K viewing. You’ll get to enjoy crystal clear pictures regardless of whatever it is that you’re watching. This is the kind of quality you can expect from a MINIX Neo U1.

Best VPN for MINIX Android TV Box

Best VPN for MINIX Android TV Box

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How Good Is the MINIX Box?

Known simply as a MINIX hub, the technology within this nifty little package allows you to search for whatever media you’d want; access apps on Google Play, or even listen to Internet-based radio through the hub. VoIP services such as Skype are also not out of the question. With the possibility of involving Kodi addons, your access to diverse content becomes ever so much increased.

As with most things that base their functionality on access to the Internet, there are always a number of risks that have a very dangerous effect if nothing is done as a prevention measure. Some of this risks include a hacker gaining access or control over your device. Cybercriminals can even steal your personal information and identity for their own fraudulent use. One of the most effective ways that you could rely on to ensure that your traffic stays secure, and your devices protected is to rely on the encryption provided by a VPN.

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Why You Should Use a VPN with Minix

A Virtual Private Network or a VPN is basically a selection of servers that allow you to divert your traffic through them instead of using the regular route provided by your ISP. When this is done, your data gets encrypted. Hence, it becomes impossible for anyone to track down exactly what you’re up to online. With this done, you’ll have drastically reduced the probability of being hacked. With your data now getting encrypted, your ISP will have no idea about whatever you’re up to online.

Subscribing to a VPN service also has a number of advantages that work to improve your whole browsing experience. One of them is the fact that it allows for access to geo-restricted content. This refers to content that can be only accessed when within a specific region. A VPN makes it possible for you to access such content since it’s able to hide your IP address. Once you connect to a remote server, your actual IP gets exchanged for that of the server. Just like that you now seem as though you’re another local user. As a result, you get to access geoblocked apps like Netflix, Hulu, BBC, HBO, Amazon Prime.

A credible VPN service also helps you bypass any measures that an ISP may put in place to throttle your connection. This is done so as to discourage users who tend to be up to a lot of bandwidth-intensive activities on the Internet and ensure that they don’t leave other users complaining. Since the MINIX hub already runs Android as its OS, you’re going to have to install the VPN as you would any other Android device.

Best VPN for MINIX – Which Provider To Subscribe To

The most difficult choice you might have to make is probably choosing which provider to sign up with. Here’s our list of the best VPNs for MINIX.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN’s collection of 2000 servers in over 87 cities makes it one of the most reliable VPNs. This is quite necessary for streaming, especially if you plan to do it in HD. The provider has its headquarters in the British Virgin Islands. This is optimal since its far away from any of the policies that may require them to hand over customer data to the authorities. This is one of the reasons why ExpressVPN is very confident in its zero logging policy.

ExpressVPN also has its own zero knowledge DNS servers, which ensure your DNS traffic stays well protected as you browse. The service also has stealth servers to ensure you can access a VPN even if you’re in a country that doesn’t tolerate the use of the service. ExpressVPN users get the option to have up to 3 devices protected through their VPN client. The ExpressVPN app works exceptionally well on Minix Android TVs. To find out more about ExpressVPN and what it can do for you, have a look at our ExpressVPN Review.

2. BulletVPN

BulletVPN also features on this list thanks to its reliable speeds and ease of use of the VPN client. The Estonia-based provider is very keen on ensuring that users get to experience the best mix of speed and security. Despite having a server presence in around 25 countries, this still gets the job done. BulletVPN employs 256 bit AES encryption to ensure that their customers stay secure online. The Smart DNS feature that allows you to hide your location and access geo-restricted websites.

All that, alongside the choice to have up to 3 simultaneous connections makes users confident of the fact that the service does have their best interests at heart. BulletVPN also offers an user interface that is quite easy to navigate through and well graphically designed. Their customer care team is also available 24/7 through social media, email and even ticketing. To see how much more you’ll be able to get once you subscribe with this provider, take a look at our BulletVPN Review.

3. NordVPN

Summing up our list is NordVPN. This powerhouse of a provider boasts of around 4000 servers in over 60 countries. NordVPN also has quite the number of features, all designed to ensure that your security remains top notch whenever you’re browsing online. NordVPN allows users to have up to 6 simultaneous connections; thereby spreading the 256 bit AES encryption over all 6 connected devices.

Within its series of obfuscated servers, NordVPN allows users to use the service even in countries where VPN use is discouraged. Its double VPN encryption feature also allows users to route their traffic through two servers instead of one, therefore doubling the normal level of security. NordVPN also offers Cybersec software to keep away any malware and malicious attacks from interfering with your browsing, as well as a SmartPlay DNS service to hide your location and gain access to geo-restricted regions. For a better explanation about what NordVPN is prepared to offer once you subscribe, take a look at our NordVPN Review.

Conclusion on The Best VPN for MINIX

Once you have your data protected through a credible VPN, you’ll be sure that nobody is able to come between you and your streaming. You’ll be protected from any form of ISP throttling, hacking or eavesdropping that anyone may think of doing to your connection. Have any questions or comments regarding our review? Just type them out in the comment section below and we’ll be sure to respond.

Best VPN for MINIX
Best VPN for MINIX Android TV Box

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