Best VPN for North Korea

North Korea (조선민주주의인민공화국) stands out as one of the most isolated nations in the world since as other countries marched towards democratic government, they remained hinged on dictatorial leadership. A lot of speculation has been made by numerous media outlets concerning their restrictive nature, and how it also affects their available sources of information. The country not only has heavy restrictions placed upon access to their Internet service, but also has restrictions on the type of information that can be accessed on the Internet.

Best VPN for North Korea

Best VPN for North Korea

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Internet in North Korea

Most of the sites that you can access from North Korea are only the ones that subscribe to the country’s prevailing ideology, Juche. This means it’ll be difficult to access any sites that don’t have much to do about the country. Those that get over their Internet access restrictions are known to do so by launching a connection through their neighbor’s telecom company, China Unicom. Users have had to convene within internet cafes or selected journalism centers for access.

Regular citizens also are not able to access what the rest of the world know as the regular Internet. What they use is a country-based network called Kwangmyong, which doesn’t even permit access to the vast areas of knowledge that ordinary internet users can access such as Economics and Philosophy. It is aspects such as these that deem censorship in North Korea as one of the most extreme in the world.

Most foreigners traveling into the country are therefore forced to rely on their mobile phones for Internet access, following an amendment that was made back in 2013. Even with this change of heart, anyone flying into the country would still be frustrated in their efforts to get online, as the new change of law only allows 3G based phones to be used for Internet access. Getting these types of phones now is becoming increasingly difficult, as the rest of the world continues to develop even faster ways of getting online.

With such a restrictive nature towards Internet access, North Korea is one country that you’ll definitely need a solution that allows you to get online and work around some of their many regulations. What we’d suggest is subscribing to a VPN service. Although not many providers have that many servers based in North Korea, there is still a handful that you can use to get around their absurd restrictions.

VPN Explained

For those who don’t know, a VPN service is a tool that allows users to connect to servers that are based outside the country so that they’re able to encrypt their connection. Think of it as a solution that allows you to set up a secure tunnel to the Internet, that also prevents any other third parties from figuring out exactly what you’re up to online.

A VPN service also hides most of the information that’s displayed on your IP address, which is info that can be used to track down your location, and identity. With this hidden or altered, you’ll have access to a lot of sites and channels that would ordinarily block you from their service.

Best VPNs for North Korea

If you’re planning on traveling to North Korea anytime soon, it’s best to set up your VPN app before you leave. Here are our top VPNs you can use while in North Korea.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN provides access to a server network of about 2000 servers and has one of them based in South Korea. Subscribers should be able to connect to North Korean sites by linking to this South Korean server. ExpressVPN has won numerous accolades for providing the best customer service, and this makes it one of the best providers to sign up with especially if you’re just getting started with VPN. The service is based in the British Virgin Islands, and this keeps them away from the influence of any data retention policy.

The service allows for up to 3 simultaneous connections and has VPN apps that allow for the connection of VPN apps that run on Android, Linux or iOS as their operating system.

ExpressVPN also provides the opportunity for users to choose which protocols to use to connect to the Internet. The VPN protocols they have on offer are OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec and IKEv2 for iOS. The service also has a very popular reward scheme, where if a current user refers a colleague who signs up, both parties get a month of free service. For a more detailed report about the service, have a look at our ExpressVPN Review.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is acknowledged as the provider with the most flexible set of features in the market, making it among the top services to turn to for online security. With also 1 server out of their 4000 based in South Korea, the service offers a lifeline for users hoping to connect to the global Internet from North Korea. NordVPN also has the capacity to secure up to 5 devices simultaneously, and this is a feature that users in Korea are going to find quite handy especially because Internet access is really restricted over there.

NordVPN is based in Panama, and it is because of this that the service can offer a reliable zero logging service. The focus on security by this provider is also quite high since aside from offering the 256 bit AES encryption service that they do, they also have a double encryption service that doubles the level of encryption. Aside from this, NordVPN also has a CyberSec feature that prevents unwanted adverts and malware. A more thorough breakdown of the services you can get from NordVPN is available through our extensive NordVPN Review.

3. HideMyAss

Winding up our guideline is the one service that actually does have a server based in North Korea, and this is HideMyAss VPN. Established in 2005, the provider has been in the market for a long while now, and this has definitely allowed them to gather significant knowledge about how their service works. The length of time in the industry has allowed them to set up about 940 servers and counting, based in more than 190 countries. The provider offers L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN as three of its most common protocols, and they all offer military grade 256-bit encryption, along with the capability to switch between which protocol to use.

HideMyAss offers about 117,000 IP addresses to its users to choose from and still allows for unlimited server switching. The service does have a logging policy in place, but it has come under a lot of scrutiny from reviewers who maintain that it does store some of its customer’s browsing information. While HideMyAss clarifies that this is indeed true, it maintains that the only information logged is their customer’s browsing time and not the sites they visit. In addition, the service also has a number of features that you won’t find in other providers. These include an IP checker to check exactly how your disguised IP address appears, as well as a panic button that allows you to hide all your open tabs through one click. Plenty more information is available through our HideMyAss Review, so be sure to have a look if you’re thinking about signing up.

Conclusion On The Best VPN for North Korea

We’ve just looked at three of the best services to use for a more flexible Internet experience in North Korea. All three have either a money back guarantee or a trial period in place, so be sure to try out such before you subscribe. Also, you’re welcome to leave any comments about your experience in the section below. We’d be glad to hear from you.

Best VPN for North Korea
Best VPN for North Korea

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