Best VPN for Bulgaria

Chances are high that despite being a random person, you might not have had the opportunity, or if you did, you were probably not as excited to travel to Bulgaria, since a lot of people know very little about this Eastern European country. One of the most fascinating things about it, however, is that it’s among some very few places in the world where a shake of the head means “yes”, and a nod means “no”. This can be quite confusing especially when you’re interacting with the residents as a tourist. Aside from this, Bulgaria is also known to be fairly mountainous, and so it would be a great country especially for mountain climbers and hikers to traverse.

Best VPN for Bulgaria

Best VPN for Bulgaria

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Best Bulgaria VPN in a Nutshell

When it comes to Eastern Europe, the top VPN service providers to use are fairly easy to pinpoint. Here are our recommended VPNs for Bulgaria:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. IPVanish
  3. NordVPN
  4. BulletVPN
  5. CyberGhost

Internet in Bulgaria

Politically speaking, Bulgaria is one of the fairly recent adopters of open democracy, and this has led to the development of a more flexible temperament especially for what local journalists have to report about the country. The government respects and recognizes freedom of speech as a right to all its people, and this also extends to the policies put in place to manage Internet access and use. About 58% of its people have access to the Internet, and the government doesn’t seem to have any restrictions in place to prevent them from accessing any websites that they would not want to be accessed.

What is interesting, however, is that the authorities there don’t even need a court order to compel ISP’s to hand over data showing what users have been up to online. This means the authorities can easily build a profile about a certain user based on what sites they visit, and in most countries, this level of forceful access to user data is considered a violation of privacy. If you come from a country where the right to your privacy is well upheld, you probably wouldn’t feel comfortable in Bulgaria knowing that any government agency can easily demand and acquire a record of what you’ve been up to online. If you want to stay protected, anonymous and secure, then your best bet is to sign up with a credible VPN service.

How a VPN Works

A VPN service creates security for you online by routing your traffic through encrypted servers, which then prevent any other services from eavesdropping on your content as you surf, and this also includes your ISP. With your ISP in the dark about what you’re up to, they’ll have nothing to surrender even if they get approached by the government.

Using a VPN also helps protect you from getting hacked or attacked by cybercriminals, and this is done by keeping your personal data hidden. Your data is hidden through concealing some of the details available on your IP address. Think of your IP address as your digital fingerprint online. It contains details such as your name, address, and location, so once you connect to a remote server, these are the details that get altered or hidden, depending on your location. Once you’ve linked to a remote server, for example, the location that’s meant to be shown by your IP address, for example, gets altered to show that of the remote server. This is exactly what happens for you to gain access to a geo-restricted site.

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Best VPN for Bulgaria

Choosing exactly which provider to connect to might be an issue, seeing that there are about 800 providers in the market. If you’re not quite sure where to start, then we have a few suggestions here that should set you off on the right foot.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a top-tier provider that’s based out of the British Virgin Islands, and this strategic location means that customers won’t have to worry about any form of data regulation as the region is well away from any data jurisdiction. The service has about 2000 servers under its control, and as you use them, you’ll be able to benefit from browsing through unlimited bandwidth, as well as no data caps. ExpressVPN also allows users to attach up to 3 more devices to also benefit from the protection provided by the service.

ExpressVPN prefers that their customers use OpenVPN, but also provides other protocols for them to choose from. They are PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, and IKEv2. Among its group of servers, ExpressVPN also has a special range known as Stealth Servers, which prevent detection whenever surfing through websites or channels hosted in high censorship areas around the world. The service also has a one of a kind loyalty program where current users who get their colleagues to sign up receive a free month of subscription for themselves and the new subscriber. There’s a lot more to get to know about the service, so if you do wish to learn more, have a look at our ExpressVPN Review.

2. IPVanish

Second on our list is IPVanish, a Florida based VPN provider that is quite popular among users thanks to its direct approach to online security. Having been established in 1999, the team behind this provider has ensured that its quality of service has only been increasing ever since, and this can be attributed to its wide popularity over the years. IPVanish has about 1500 servers within its network, and the service happens to completely own all those servers. IPVanish is also known as the only credible provider that allows for up to 10 devices to connect to its network, and this is all under one account.

IPVanish is also listed as the best service to integrate with Kodi, as this allows you to get the best add-ons to your network. IPVanish also has one of the fastest servers in the industry, and it is for this reason that most online gamers prefer to sign up with this service. This provider also offers different versions of its VPN app, and this makes it possible for Windows, Linux, iOS or Android-based devices to enjoy their service. The app has a green theme to it, and is built in a way that allows easy navigation. We’ve done a thorough break down of what IPVanish has to offer anyone who signs up, and you can read all about it on our IPVanish Review.

3. NordVPN

As we conclude our review, there’s one more provider that just couldn’t miss out on our list, and that’s NordVPN. This established provider has quite the list of features, and when pitted against other services, they do seem to blow its competitors out of the water. The provider has about 4000 servers within its service, scattered all over the world. NordVPN is headquartered in Panama, which is well away from any form of data regulation policy. The service is also generous in its capacity for simultaneous connections, allowing up to 6 devices under one account.

NordVPN offers the standard 256 bit AES encryption, and this is further fortified by its DoubleVPN feature where subscribers get double the protection thanks to routing their connection through two servers instead of one. NordVPN also supports Tor over VPN, where data passes through their VPN client, then through a Tor network for added anonymity. The service is also has a strict zero logging policy, and this is credited to its base in Panama. There are no laws over there that compel them to monitor or even keep records of your browsing history, so you can be assured that even they have no idea what you’re up to online. For an in-depth look into what you can expect from NordVPN, spare some time and go through our NordVPN Review.

Wrap Up on The Best VPN for Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country that doesn’t really have that much Internet censorship, but what you might want to completely prevent is anyone eavesdropping on your browsing activities. You can do this through signing up with either Express VPN, IPVanish or NordVPN. Either of these three services will ensure you get the kind of protection you’ll need to stay secure and anonymous.  

Best VPN for Bulgaria
Best VPN for Bulgaria

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